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Stories Published Between 1/1/2005 And 4/1/2005
3/31/2005 Fund Mergers Down in 2004
3/31/2005 The Best Directors Are Low-Paid
3/30/2005 SEC Promotes Enforcer
3/30/2005 Kelmoore Targets Socially-Responsible Investors
3/29/2005 Closed-End Funds Have Gangbuster Day
3/29/2005 Federated Offers Value
3/29/2005 Vanguard Funds Added to Kansas 529
3/29/2005 Nuveen Taps Familiar Subadvisor for New ETF
3/29/2005 Hartford Looks for More Organic Growth in Fund Biz
3/29/2005 Nuveen Shares Fall After Plans Are Shared
3/28/2005 Take That, Calvert
3/28/2005 Victory Sells REIT Fund
3/28/2005 Insurer Plans Sale of Majority Stake in Nuveen
3/28/2005 Seven PE Firms Buy Sungard for $11.3 BN
3/24/2005 Janus Sheds Two Subadvised Funds
3/24/2005 Columbia Hires Away Putnam Exec
3/24/2005 Top Fidelity Trader Calls it Quits
3/24/2005 Eggers Back at Dreyfus
3/24/2005 AIM Files to Shutter Eight Funds
3/23/2005 Vanguard Relaxes Some Redemption Fees
3/23/2005 Legg Mason Swipes Fido Manager
3/23/2005 Fund Firms Leak Account Numbers
3/23/2005 2005 Bonuses Will Be Better, Says Janus
3/22/2005 Mercer Gets into the Investment Biz
3/22/2005 Top Bisys Lawyer Leaves
3/22/2005 Vanguard Intros Fund of Funds
3/22/2005 Victory's Prez Takes on CEO Role
3/21/2005 Database Provider Adds Sales Exec
3/21/2005 AXA IM Names Asia Director
3/21/2005 HSBC Sells off Aussie Arm
3/21/2005 Fund Proxy Firm Hires Two
3/21/2005 SunGard is in Play
3/21/2005 Is the Fund Action Curse Reversed?
3/21/2005 OSC Mulls More Rules
3/21/2005 Fund Scandals Help Put Citigroup in the Fed’s Penalty Box
3/21/2005 Brown Walks from SSgA
3/18/2005 Canadian Regulators Call Off Fund Probes
3/18/2005 Franklin Chairman Takes Some Chips Off the Table
3/18/2005 Roche & Riepe See Bigger Bonuses
3/18/2005 Guardian Park Ave Manager Calls it Quits
3/18/2005 Hennessy Snaps up $340 MM in Fund Assets
3/18/2005 Pimco Stock Funds to Get Rebranded
3/18/2005 American Funds Cuts Fees
3/17/2005 Forward Adopts Emerald in Time for St. Patrick's Day
3/17/2005 McKinsey Alumn Will Plot AEFE's Public Course
3/17/2005 Wachovia Ad Campaign Stresses Life Moments
3/17/2005 Jenson Portfolio Manager Gains Equity Stake
3/16/2005 House Committee Passes Bill Banning Contractual Funds
3/16/2005 Fido Creates Non-Fund Asset Management Biz
3/16/2005 Portland Fund Firm Intros No-Fee IRA
3/16/2005 Sentinel Management's CEO to Head Fund Group
3/16/2005 Putnam Airs Rare Mainstream Ads
3/16/2005 Pioneer Gives Wholesalers Wireless Data
3/16/2005 Schwab Sues TD Waterhouse
3/15/2005 Fidelity International Goes Live in India
3/15/2005 Fido Names Co-Manager on Asset-Allocation Funds
3/15/2005 Alliance: NASD Settlement is Imminent
3/14/2005 Pozen to Give Up BoNY Board Seat
3/14/2005 Ibbotson Names Research Director
3/14/2005 DeAM Unit is on the Block
3/14/2005 Schwab Plans Comeback
3/14/2005 Janus Banks on Performance to Turn the Tide
3/11/2005 KeyCorp's B-D Settles with NASD
3/11/2005 401(k) Investors Continue to Chase Opps Abroad
3/11/2005 Fido Intros Age-Targeted Funds for Insurers
3/11/2005 Keeping up with the Johnsons
3/10/2005 Who Will Take Roye's Place?
3/10/2005 DeAM's Top Dog Continues Shakeup
3/9/2005 Northern Trust Adds Sales Exec
3/9/2005 Schwab is Next on AFL-CIO Hit List
3/9/2005 Evergreen Highlights Performance in New Ad Campaign
3/9/2005 Vanguard Adds VIPERs, Cuts Expenses
3/9/2005 American Funds' Parent Breaks New Ground
3/9/2005 Donaldson: 12b-1 Fees to Get Thorough Review
3/9/2005 Northwest Firm Names Principals
3/8/2005 Amvescap Exec Steps Down
3/8/2005 Is AARP Shopping for a New Partner?
3/8/2005 One Open, One Closed at JP Morgan
3/8/2005 Scudder Makes Bet on Commodities with New Fund
3/8/2005 Janus Axes Bay Isle Chief
3/8/2005 ProFunds Launches Rare Currency Funds
3/8/2005 Incidents Spotlight Media Attention on Shareholder Info Security
3/8/2005 Dreyfus Lion Roars Again
3/8/2005 BoA Awards $224 Bn Fund Outsourcing
3/8/2005 Philly Chooses Manager for $145 MM Large Cap Mandate
3/7/2005 JPMorgan to Close One, Opens Another
3/7/2005 Will Alliance Hold out in Florida Suit?
3/7/2005 Fido Builds up Operations Abroad
3/7/2005 Alger Adds Manager in Tech Sector
3/7/2005 DeRemer Joins Putnam at Rival I-Bank
3/4/2005 Poorly Performing Putnam Managers Say Goodbye
3/4/2005 TIAA-CREF Trustee Resigns over E&Y Ties
3/3/2005 RS Brings on Two New Hires
3/3/2005 Fund Flow Track Sees Growth
3/3/2005 A New Look for Financial Planning?
3/3/2005 ALPS Chooses New Fund Software
3/3/2005 Citi Manager Leaps to TIAA-CREF
3/3/2005 Franklin Advisors Loses CCO to US Bancorp
3/3/2005 Closed, but Not for Long
3/2/2005 Fido Ups Ante in Price War with Vanguard
3/2/2005 Morningstar Replaces DataLab with Direct
3/2/2005 Brokers: Thanks for the Memories JP Morgan
3/2/2005 Marsh CEO Scotches Talk of Putnam Sale
3/1/2005 Amvescap Widens Search for New CEO
3/1/2005 Nuveen on the Block
3/1/2005 The SEC is Looking at How Funds Decide Whether to Collect on Class Actions
3/1/2005 Franklin Templeton Settling with Canadian Regulators
3/1/2005 Pioneer Adopts Cullen Value Fund
3/1/2005 Gartmore Hires Sales Director for Alternatives
3/1/2005 Neuberger Berman Buys High Net Worth Talent
3/1/2005 Concentrated Fund Opens it Doors
2/28/2005 Former Enterprise CEO Joins Witter
2/28/2005 State Street Recognized for European Efforts
2/28/2005 Putnam Names Global Core Equity Manager
2/28/2005 New Hires to Help Russell Expand its Distribution
2/25/2005 Who Will Take Roye's Hot Seat?
2/25/2005 The ICI Documents 12b-1 Growth, but Who is Listening?
2/25/2005 Strickland Takes Over Fido Canada
2/25/2005 T. Rowe Closing Mid-Cap Fund
2/25/2005 Janus Opens Two Funds
2/24/2005 Former PwC Partner Honored at NICSA '05
2/24/2005 AIM Hires Academic to Distribute Settlement Monies
2/24/2005 Schwab Looks to Bank on Equity Ratings
2/24/2005 Columbia Continues Fund Revamp
2/24/2005 Canada Eliminates Cap: Could be Boon for U.S. Funds
2/24/2005 IRS Clarifies Wrap Fee Rules
2/23/2005 Brandywine Outsources Managed Account Ops
2/23/2005 Northern Trust Adds BGI, SSgA Hires
2/22/2005 Lipper Names Top Fund Group
2/22/2005 Take Two: SEC Again Considering Shrinking Prospectuses
2/22/2005 China May Open Door for Bank Funds
2/22/2005 One Group is No More
2/22/2005 Vanguard Goes to Israel
2/18/2005 Losing the AAdvantage
2/18/2005 Another BankNorth Manager Becomes a Citizen
2/18/2005 Mercer Launches Multi-Manager Unit
2/18/2005 BoA to Elect Five Trustees
2/18/2005 Roye to Quit SEC Post
2/17/2005 DeSano Stays, but Five Will Join Him
2/17/2005 Merrill, Morgan Stanley Drop Trails on Small Accounts
2/17/2005 BlackRock Plans $250 MM Debt Offer
2/17/2005 SEC Hones in on Fund POS, Disclosure
2/16/2005 Rydex Readies Russell 50 ETF
2/16/2005 Pimco Dumps PEA for Oppenheimer Capital
2/16/2005 Gartmore Revamps Distribution Team
2/15/2005 Robeco Rebrands
2/15/2005 Eaton Vance Eyes HNW Acquisitions
2/15/2005 State Street Welcomes Vet Back into the Fold
2/15/2005 $400 MM on the Shelf for Gabelli
2/15/2005 Fido Makes Waves with Korea Entrée
2/14/2005 IRA Investors Diversify
2/14/2005 First Eagle Flies High
2/14/2005 Gabelli Hires SSRM Manager
2/14/2005 Two More SMA Providers Go South of $100,000
2/14/2005 Putnam Shakes up Investment Team
2/11/2005 Fidelity Tallies 2004 Successes
2/10/2005 Fund Boards to Get More Guidance
2/10/2005 Fido Names Mid, Large Cap Manager
2/10/2005 Rater Awards Funds' Services
2/10/2005 Fund Software Provider Adds Reuters Data
2/9/2005 Top Industry M&A Banker Says Adieu to Namesake
2/9/2005 Former BGI CEO Steps in at HP
2/9/2005 VC Commits Funding to ETF Upstart
2/9/2005 CSAM Drops Money Market Fund Fees
2/9/2005 Transamerica Lands SMA Slots
2/9/2005 2004's Asset Allocation Winners
2/8/2005 American AAdvantage Names Indy Chair
2/8/2005 JP Morgan Buys out Joint Venture
2/8/2005 State Street Improves Accounting App
2/8/2005 Insurer Partners with iShares for VA ETFs
2/8/2005 UBS Eyes Small Buys
2/7/2005 Funds Provide More Disclosure for Managers
2/7/2005 ICI Voice Starting to be Heard in Fee Debate
2/4/2005 Galvin Feels Generous Towards Whistle Blower
2/4/2005 Is it Time to Mourn for Morningstar?
2/4/2005 Who Wants to Manage Social Security Money?
2/3/2005 NorCal Fund Firm Goes Shopping
2/3/2005 IXIS Launches Second Multi-Manager Fund
2/3/2005 ING Awards Subadvisor Three Fund Mandates
2/2/2005 San Antonio Fund Firm Inks with UK Subadvisor
2/2/2005 PowerShares to Debut Energy ETF
2/2/2005 Advisor Lands Vanguard Cash
2/2/2005 Sentinel Reorgs, Hires CEO
2/2/2005 Fifth Subadvisor Aboard AAdvantage Fund
2/2/2005 Oppenheimer Hires Institutional Sales Exec
2/1/2005 AmEx Sheds Funds, Advisors
2/1/2005 Wasatch Reorgs Investment Team
2/1/2005 Nuveen Stakeholder Considers Sell-Off
2/1/2005 ETF Giant Intros Socially-Responsible Fund
2/1/2005 Marsh Cuts an $850 MM Deal with Regulators
1/31/2005 SSgA Taps Insider to Head Firm
1/31/2005 Alliance May Team with Chinese Insurer
1/31/2005 Fido Comes Clean
1/28/2005 Primecap Goes Live with Fund Website
1/28/2005 NASD Lets Franklin off the Hook
1/28/2005 Cohen & Steers' Fund Starts Trading
1/28/2005 Calamos Adds Indy Directors
1/28/2005 It's My American Century
1/27/2005 The Hartford Builds Fund Sales Force
1/27/2005 Janus to Focus on Institutional Biz
1/26/2005 Storms to Head Mercer HR
1/26/2005 IXIS' Wholesalers Get Wireless Tool
1/26/2005 AFL-CIO Plan March Against Fund Firms
1/26/2005 RS Shaves Fees for Six Funds
1/26/2005 San Fran Firm Names Co-Manager
1/26/2005 AMG Beats Estimates by Two Pennies
1/26/2005 Janus Execs, Managers Agree to New Comp Plan
1/25/2005 Advantage, Wells Fargo
1/24/2005 Gartmore Int'l Equities Team Gets Boost
1/24/2005 USAA Launches Total Return Fund
1/24/2005 Legg Mason Finds Acquisition Targets Few and Far Between
1/24/2005 ICI Hires Retirement Lobbyist
1/24/2005 Callan Exec to Join Artisan
1/24/2005 Is An Alternative to the Hard 4pm Near?
1/21/2005 New Prez at PFPC
1/21/2005 Gartmore Launches Small Cap Leaders Fund
1/21/2005 Harris Opens Door All the Way
1/21/2005 Two More Traders at Fido Leave
1/20/2005 Are You in the Zone?
1/20/2005 Will the White House Tip the Scales in 2005?
1/20/2005 ICI Group Gives Indy Chair Recs
1/19/2005 Nuveen Ends Year with a Bang
1/19/2005 SEC Exec Says Goodbye
1/19/2005 Lord Abbett Bulks up Internal Sales Desk
1/19/2005 Gabelli Names Prez for Alternative Group
1/19/2005 Expense Growth Dims State Street's Earnings Call
1/19/2005 Investors Bombard Funds with Another Type of Lawsuit
1/18/2005 State Street AUM up, but Earnings Disappoint
1/18/2005 Fund Firms Ready for Earnings Season
1/18/2005 Portland Fund Inks Deal with OneSource
1/18/2005 Ex-Putnam Portfolio Manager Decries "Chauvenistic Culture"
1/14/2005 Fido Rotates Mid-Cap Manager
1/14/2005 How Do Funds Win Spots on 401k Platforms?
1/13/2005 Firms Try to Find the Best Bang for Their Buck
1/13/2005 A Fund Upstart Choosing the Outsourcing Route
1/13/2005 SEC Commish Undergoes Surgery
1/13/2005 Funds Face Wholesale Shakeup
1/13/2005 Fido Offers International Advisor-Sold Option
1/12/2005 Fink Spills Secrets of BlackRock's Success
1/12/2005 $600 MM 529 up for Bid
1/12/2005 New AMG Sales Group Goes Live
1/12/2005 PFPC Exec Joins IXIS
1/12/2005 ProFunds Quick out of the Gate
1/11/2005 Which Funds Took Home the Bacon in 2004?
1/11/2005 Fido Searches for RIA Group Head
1/10/2005 An Even 900 Rounds out the Crew
1/10/2005 Some Firms Are Better Than Others
1/10/2005 Morningstar Opts for Auction-Style IPO
1/10/2005 Where Did the New Funds Go in 2004?
1/7/2005 Bright Lights for State Street?
1/7/2005 Judge Rules Against Ex-Pru Brokers
1/6/2005 Schroder: Now an Eight Fund Family
1/6/2005 Spitzer-Haters Have a Friend in Trade Group's Prez
1/6/2005 IXIS Adds Fuel to its Separate Account Biz
1/5/2005 Acadian Fills New Exec Slot
1/5/2005 Fidelity Rotates Sector Managers
1/4/2005 What to Do with U.S. Trust?
1/4/2005 National City Continues Hiring Spree
1/4/2005 Calvert Goes Long
1/4/2005 Guardian BD Unveils Wrap ETF
1/4/2005 Dutch Parent Brings Brand to Fore
1/3/2005 Morningstar Crowns Top Managers, Expect Flows to Follow
1/3/2005 Strong-Wells Fargo a Done Deal

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