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Stories Published Between 4/1/2012 And 7/1/2012
6/29/2012 Gatch Lost a Tough Crowd at M*
6/29/2012 MainStay Adopts a $1.7B Fund
6/29/2012 PineBridge Names a CFO
6/29/2012 Thrivent Adds a Sub-Advisor to a $700MM Fund
6/29/2012 A New PM Joins the Bridge at Federated Kaufmann
6/29/2012 Kornitzer Stamps a Different Brand on a Buffalo Fund
6/29/2012 Three Alts Execs Join Pimco as Their Star Wishes He Was Neither Bill Nor Gross
6/29/2012 Schapiro's Offer of Choice for Money Funds Is No Choice At All
6/29/2012 Van Eck Decides NAV Matters for One of Its ETFs
6/29/2012 Columbia PM Barbaro To Retire from $1.6B Fund
6/28/2012 A Financial Diplomat Joins TCW
6/28/2012 AdvisorShares Turns to Laif Meidell
6/28/2012 Hennessy's Still Hungry
6/28/2012 Kingsbury Hires as Pioneer Starts Longterm Growth Push
6/28/2012 Donahue Does a $903MM Deal
6/28/2012 The Jury Deliberates on M* Analyst Ratings
6/28/2012 Eight Billion Dollars Down, CGM's Heebner Lets It Ride
6/27/2012 American Independence Takes a Unique Path to Find New PMs
6/27/2012 Pru Execs Discuss the World Economy Over Lunch -- Plus Ice Cream
6/27/2012 Cunningham Aims Manning & Napier at 401ks
6/27/2012 Janus Makes it a Half Dozen with Intech
6/27/2012 Herrmann Brings a HighMark Alum to Aquila
6/27/2012 SEC Staff's Money Fund Draft Weighs in at 337 Pages
6/27/2012 401k Participants Hate SMAs
6/27/2012 AdvisorShares Takes on Pimco
6/27/2012 Fortune Says Investing in Mutual Funds Isn't That Bad
6/27/2012 M*'s Fab 5 Includes Pimco, Maxis and iShares
6/26/2012 Aston Gains Dividends from River Road Ties
6/26/2012 Old Westbury Funds Has a New CEO
6/26/2012 T. Rowe Dials Your iPhone
6/26/2012 Thwaites Amps Up Sentinel's Sales Team
6/26/2012 Fink May Trade His Deal Maker's Hat for a Pol's, Reuters Speculates
6/26/2012 Columbia Fund Gets a New Name
6/26/2012 Kinnel Spotlights Funds from Four Institutional Heavyweights
6/26/2012 Techies Launch an ETF Database For Quants
6/25/2012 Hennessy Clears One Hurdle on FBR Buy
6/25/2012 Milliman Plans to Launch a New Fund
6/25/2012 DeSantis Pushes Sector Specialization at Fido
6/25/2012 Szilagyi Closes a Fund
6/25/2012 Issakainen Brings First Trust Into the ETF Biz
6/25/2012 Delaware's Sales Team Expands
6/25/2012 Did CDR and Warburg Drop Out of TCW's Auction?
6/25/2012 Peltz Turns His Attention to Another Wall Street Firm
6/25/2012 Schapiro Pushes for July Money Fund Vote
6/25/2012 Can ETNs Be Too Popular?
6/25/2012 BlackRock's Senior Strategist Resigns
6/25/2012 SEC Claims BNY Mellon "Gouged" Fido, Others on FOREX Trades
6/25/2012 Fund Investors Buy the Right Funds at the Wrong Times
6/22/2012 Spangler Slashes Nationwide's Fund Fees
6/22/2012 A $481MM J.P. Morgan Fund Liquidates
6/22/2012 Miyao Creates and Fills a New Sales Post at kasina
6/22/2012 Morningstar Rates Alternatives
6/22/2012 Gus Sauter Retires
6/22/2012 Doll's Models Weren't BlackRock's
6/22/2012 Are High-Fee Funds "Snake Oil"?
6/22/2012 Girard Miller Lands a New Gig
6/22/2012 Morningstar's ETF Guru Predicts "Creative Destruction"
6/22/2012 McInerney Reaffirms BMO Funds' Love of Milwaukee
6/22/2012 Embattled PM Leaves BlackRock
6/22/2012 Peter Kraus is Sticking Around
6/22/2012 Three Influential Funds, Three New Bosses
6/22/2012 Gross Warns Against Risk Assets
6/21/2012 Baldiswieler Plans Another Fund
6/21/2012 A Top Templeton PM Dies
6/21/2012 Lydon Picks Reich and Tang's New CIO
6/21/2012 One of Fink's Founding Partners Steps Down But Not Out
6/21/2012 Is Home So Sweet for PMs?
6/21/2012 When Do MStar Analysts Change Their Minds?
6/21/2012 Regulators Nix a Mutual-Fund-to-ETF Conversion
6/21/2012 Burns Takes Over Fund Analysis at Morningstar
6/21/2012 Schapiro Brings Her Money Fund Fight to Congress
6/21/2012 Hasenstab Reveals a Blessing and a Curse
6/20/2012 An Alts Shop Longs For Mutual Fund Biz
6/20/2012 A Fund Shop Accesses Insider Trading
6/20/2012 Erdoes Creates a New JPAM Unit
6/20/2012 Deutsche Execs Conclude Their Strategic Review
6/20/2012 Bateman Greenlights Huntington's ETF Debut
6/20/2012 Ned Johnson Fights the "Shadow Banking" Label For Money Funds
6/20/2012 Waltman Expands Virtus' Lineup By Five
6/20/2012 The SSgA Team Debuts Two More SPDRs
6/20/2012 Ultimus' Chiefs Do a Private Equity Deal
6/20/2012 Who Makes Best Use of Their Shareholder Letters?
6/20/2012 Hamich Brings Van Eck to Australia
6/20/2012 Private Equity Players Circle TCW
6/19/2012 Dougherty Hands Off the Reins to Pyxis
6/19/2012 Sapir's Latest Plan Emerges, With Active Management
6/19/2012 Brenner Hires an Advisory Sales Chief at Schroders
6/19/2012 NYTimes asks: How Much Risk Should a TDF Take?
6/19/2012 Faust Buys in Canada
6/19/2012 Which ETFs Flew Off the Shelves Fastest in Their Day?
6/19/2012 A Georgetown Prof Predicts the Elimination of Money Funds
6/18/2012 Manning Revamps MFS' Brand
6/18/2012 A Fund-of-ETF Shop's Trust Discloses a Wells Notice
6/18/2012 Who Will Replace Rominger at the SEC?
6/18/2012 Advisors Like DFA's Kool-aid
6/18/2012 S&P Has Mostly Bad News for AllianceBernstein's Kraus
6/18/2012 T. Rowe's Athey Likes Extremes
6/18/2012 An Allianz Director Expects More Pimco ETFs
6/18/2012 A Possibly Conflicted BlackRock PM Steps Down
6/15/2012 Morningstar Flow Rankings Show a Good Month for MFS
6/15/2012 Vanguard and the ICI Say "No" to Paying Market Makers
6/15/2012 SunGard Mutual Fund Business Hits New Milestone
6/15/2012 SEC Sends Northern Lights a Wells Notice
6/15/2012 Baldiswieler Touts TCW's Post-Gundlach Growth
6/15/2012 SEC Gives a Thumbs Up to Pimco's First Long/Short Fund
6/15/2012 UBS and HFR Cooking ETFs
6/15/2012 Renaissance Rebirths Its Index as an ETF
6/14/2012 American Funds to Allow Other Fund Firms On Its K Platform
6/14/2012 Fetting Takes a Million-Dollar Pay Cut
6/14/2012 Appelstein Plans to Keep Hiring at RBC
6/14/2012 ETF Growth Projections Are Exaggerated
6/14/2012 Could Your RIA Shop Be The Next Target For a Buyout?
6/14/2012 Columbia, Fidelity and SSgA Challenge BlackRock and Goldman
6/14/2012 Bloomberg Op-Ed Proposes: Let Money-Market Funds Die
6/14/2012 U.K. Version of FundsNet Adds 50 ETFs
6/13/2012 A Former Fund CEO Pioneers Alts
6/13/2012 Russell Makes Plans Around Stark's Shoes
6/13/2012 Mainstay Adds a New York Municipal Bond Fund
6/13/2012 HSBC Fund Feeds Appetite for Dim Sum Bonds
6/13/2012 BlackRock Taps a Ex-Swiss Central Banker to Woo Mega Clients
6/13/2012 Franklin Templeton Takes Action on its ETF Move
6/13/2012 Fidelity Unpacks in Jersey City
6/13/2012 IPO Likely Route for DFA, But Not Just Yet
6/13/2012 Fido PMs "All Live in Glass Houses"
6/12/2012 JPAM's Brigstocke Hires a Strategy Chief
6/12/2012 Is Mutual Fund Prowess Luck or Skill?
6/12/2012 Thwaites Fights Poverty
6/12/2012 Appelstein Builds Up RBC's Distribution Staff
6/12/2012 Boston Gives State Street an $11.5 Million Tax Break
6/12/2012 Fund Democracy President Points Out Loopholes in Proposed Regulatory Bill
6/11/2012 Fidelity Gets a Jump on New 401k Reg Compliance
6/11/2012 529 Plan Growth Lagged in Q1
6/11/2012 Hedgers Win a Chance with Neuberger Berman Alts Fund
6/11/2012 McNamara Launches Six USAA Allocation Funds
6/11/2012 Seven Original Sins Doom Mutual Fund Boards: Smartmoney
6/11/2012 WSJ Goes Inside the Only Active, Short-Only ETF
6/11/2012 "Big Dogs" Gathering Around ETFs May Mean a Fight
6/11/2012 Reynolds Warns of a Second Recession
6/11/2012 Pimco Goes Back for More After BOND
6/11/2012 Barron's Notes Dreyfus' Master of Bond Improv
6/8/2012 Mutual Fund Shops Vie For Advisors' Target Date Favor
6/8/2012 401k Giant ING Maps a DC I-O Push
6/8/2012 An Indiana SMA Shop is Now in the '40 Act Business
6/8/2012 kasina Pushes Fund Shops to Break Out the iPads
6/8/2012 Is Apple Really Changing its 401k Plan?
6/8/2012 Marketfield's Aronstein Bets Against Bonds, China and Gold
6/8/2012 Another Bearish Bank ETF For Direxion
6/8/2012 Fifth Third Makes Pre-Sale Cuts
6/8/2012 Legg Mason Changes its Tactics on Deals
6/7/2012 Hennessy's Minnow Buys a $28.75MM Trout
6/7/2012 Stevens Counters Demos' 401k Numbers
6/7/2012 Ariel Taps BeFi Expert to its Board
6/7/2012 Clapp Hires Two at Alger
6/7/2012 Federated and Dexia?
6/7/2012 Marty Flanagan's Pay is Highest Among Mutual Fund CEOs
6/7/2012 Apple Moves to Schwab's All-ETF 401k
6/7/2012 FBR Finds Its Buyer
6/7/2012 Forbes Gives Two Reasons BOND is Topping Total Return
6/6/2012 OpFunds Agrees to a $35MM Settlement
6/6/2012 SunGard Takes Fund/SERV Global
6/6/2012 Pimco Summer Vacays Stay Safe
6/6/2012 Paulson Weighs in on Money Fund Reform as House GOP Seeks Rule Delays
6/6/2012 SEC's Karpati Taps Two to Fill Kaplan's Shoes at AMU
6/6/2012 Global X Floats Another Hedge Fund ETF
6/6/2012 Reynolds Makes a Long Bet on China for Putnam
6/6/2012 Mitch and Ben Zacks Enter the ETF Biz
6/5/2012 Paul Hatches New Plans
6/5/2012 Neuberger Berman Execs to Up Control by Year End
6/5/2012 American Century's Thomas Promotes Cieszko
6/5/2012 Loomis Vets Power Pru's New Fund
6/5/2012 Rekenthaler Says Investors Aren't "Dumb Bunnies"
6/5/2012 PMs From DoubleLine and Pimco Land on a New List
6/5/2012 Boring is Better For DFA
6/5/2012 BlackRock's Doll Moves On to the Next Chapter
6/4/2012 Goldman's Ex-DC I-O Chief Lands
6/4/2012 Butch Touts a New Ivy Fund and a Rebranded One
6/4/2012 Cooper Leaves Invesco
6/4/2012 Did Pimco Say "No Vacays" and Tank the Stock Market?
6/4/2012 Invesco and Schwab Execs Fight the SEC on Money Funds
6/4/2012 Putnam's CEO Stays in the Spotlight
6/4/2012 Pozen Pushes a New Type of Charity
6/4/2012 Artisan's Samra Exacts "Revenge of the Nerds"
6/4/2012 Funds That Take the Risk Out
6/4/2012 Barron's Notices ICI Words in Hedge Fund Ad Spat
6/4/2012 Arnott Says Don't Try to Find the Next Apple
6/4/2012 Earhart Updates Advisors' iShares Connections
6/1/2012 Kaplan Ups Stakes from SEC
6/1/2012 Thomson Reuters Buys a Canadian Fund Tracker for Lipper
6/1/2012 Cerulli Expects Alternatives to Continue Growth
6/1/2012 Send in the Clones! An ETF Leverages Hedge Fund Brain Trust
6/1/2012 Look Global Say Cerulli Analysts
6/1/2012 FBR Looks at Options for its Mutual Funds
6/1/2012 WAMCo Execs Erase "Legg Mason" from Their Door
6/1/2012 It's Hedge and Private Equity vs. Mutual Funds In the Fighting Ring
6/1/2012 Third Day? Gross' "Great White Whale Lies Waiting"
6/1/2012 Unfair or Not, Facebook Gives Fidelity a Black Eye
6/1/2012 Blackrock Scion is Losing Again
5/31/2012 Bogle Honored as an Humanitarian
5/31/2012 Pimco Rolls Out a Money Fund Alternative
5/31/2012 Peng Chen Leaves Morningstar
5/31/2012 Geithner's Shoes Would be a Tight Fit for Fink
5/31/2012 Schapiro to Testify to Senate in Three Weeks
5/31/2012 Sage Quant Plans Low Volatility ETFs
5/30/2012 Fidelity Fund Investors Hear London Calling
5/30/2012 Don't Believe Anyone Tying Fidelity to Gaddafi
5/30/2012 Thornburg Floats New Shares For Its Flagship
5/30/2012 Fund Directors Support ICI Against CFTC
5/30/2012 Vanguard PR Denies Bidding for an ING Biz
5/30/2012 New Fidelity PMs Turn Around Value Funds
5/30/2012 Blackstone Preps Floating-Rate Fund
5/30/2012 Demos Spotlights 401k Fees
5/29/2012 "Mutual Fund Subadvisory is a Mature Market"
5/29/2012 Montage's Affiliate Readies Another Alts Fund
5/29/2012 HSBC Now Offers Four EM Funds Total
5/29/2012 TDF Talk Will Continue Through July
5/29/2012 Hartstein Heads West
5/29/2012 Most Americans Ask "What is the 529 Plan?"
5/29/2012 401k Balances Pick Up
5/29/2012 Harbor Honchos Value a Pair of New Subadvisors
5/25/2012 It's Time to Knock on Vanguard's 401k Door
5/25/2012 Ray Jay Seeks a Gatekeeper
5/25/2012 Fundsters Talk Money Funds With Schapiro
5/25/2012 Passive ETFs are Texas, Active ETFs are Rhode Island
5/25/2012 MarketWatch Hones in on Reynolds' Call for a Retirement Debate
5/25/2012 Government Report Shows Employers Are in the Dark About 401k Fees
5/25/2012 McNabb Shuts the Valve Into a High Yield Fund
5/25/2012 Redemptions Wallop a Junk Bond ETF
5/25/2012 Fido Preps a Bonds Push
5/25/2012 Hartstein is Stepping Away From Hancock Funds
5/24/2012 Loomis, Sayles Trades Up
5/24/2012 Copeland Aims Internationally with a New Hire
5/24/2012 A Fido Vet Joins ING Retirement
5/24/2012 IEX Promises To Protect Mutual Fund Shops
5/24/2012 Morgan Stanley Friended CapGroup and Fido in FB IPO
5/24/2012 Saibus Praises Manning and Napier
5/24/2012 Graziano Almost Retired, but Pioneered On
5/24/2012 WSJ Picks Up Putnam's Healthcare Take
5/24/2012 Manufacturers Accuse J.P. Morgan of Wreaking ETF Havoc
5/24/2012 Fink Buys Barclays' Share on the Cheap
5/23/2012 A Retirement Income Cat Scan? Putnam Adds to LI Tool
5/23/2012 McNabb Cuts More Fees
5/23/2012 Eaton Vance Misses
5/23/2012 Davey Boosts a Key Channel for the Hartford
5/23/2012 Larry Fink Holds A Sale
5/23/2012 Bill Gross Has $1B New Reasons to Smile
5/23/2012 Sapir Claims Another First for ProShares
5/23/2012 Introducing American Funds of Funds
5/22/2012 Alts Mutual Fund PMs Woo Reporters
5/22/2012 A Veteran Sales Exec Follows Funds Back to Emerald
5/22/2012 Yates Brings a Pioneer Mandate In-House
5/22/2012 An Ex-Seligman PM Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud and Conspiracy
5/22/2012 MStar Analysts Worry Over an SEC Proposal
5/22/2012 Peltz Successfully Pushes the Legg Mason Share Buyback
5/22/2012 Niedermeyer Has a "Consistent Long-Term Strategy" for Wells Fargo
5/22/2012 Mutual Fund PMs Won't Sweat the Facebook Dip
5/22/2012 TCW Total Return Outpaces DoubleLine
5/21/2012 Weil and Co Create a Class-Less Janus Board, One Year at a Time
5/21/2012 Alshefski Touts SEI's Turnkey Wins
5/21/2012 Gabelli Will Retire Up to $50MM of Debt
5/21/2012 Lewis Boosts State Street's Institutional Money Fund Platform
5/21/2012 Diamond Lets Go of BlackRock
5/21/2012 Total Return Outperforms Total Return
5/21/2012 iShares Execs File for a LatAm Bond Fund
5/21/2012 McNabb's Vanguard Sticks to its Knitting
5/21/2012 Cambiar's Barish Feels Frustrated But Not Lost at Sea
5/21/2012 A Fido Ex-PM May Dodge Insider Trading Penalties
5/18/2012 Clark Capital Sails Into International Waters
5/18/2012 An Allianz Vet Lands a New Gig
5/18/2012 A Leuthold PM Dies
5/18/2012 Why Did Walter Balk at the DWS Deal?
5/18/2012 Colson Keeps Artisan's IPO Alive
5/18/2012 Fundamental Change Comes to American Funds
5/18/2012 SSgA Could Add 12b-1's to ETFs
5/18/2012 AdvisorShares Thinks It's Time to GIVE
5/18/2012 SEC Accuses Former-NAPFA Chair of Fraud
5/17/2012 Advisors Seeking Alternatives
5/17/2012 Altegris Taps Three Subadvisors for Newest Fund
5/17/2012 Navigator Equity Hedge Advisor Names a Successor
5/17/2012 DoL Smites a Fallen 401k Consultant With a Lawsuit, Too
5/17/2012 Wasatch, Weitz & Yacktman Win MStar Praise Despite Fees
5/17/2012 Spajic: Credit Markets Have "Turned Upside Down"
5/17/2012 Mutual Funds are Dinosaurs, Says Edelman
5/17/2012 McNabb Brings Vanguard ETFs to the Brits
5/16/2012 Fragmented Global Markets are Slowing Growth Say ICI Panelists
5/16/2012 Vanguard Sails into the Classroom
5/16/2012 Naddaff Starts His Post Citi Gig
5/16/2012 RREEF Won't Satisfy Walter's Appetite
5/16/2012 InvestmentNews: Vanguard Wins the Tiebreaker
5/16/2012 Mairs & Powers Fund Does Well Despite Missing Apple
5/15/2012 A Schwab Alum Joins Aquila's C-Suite
5/15/2012 Hartford's Retirement Chief Adds 16 Funds
5/15/2012 Pimco Total Return Vs. Pimco Total Return
5/15/2012 Will Gross Inspire More Active ETFs?
5/15/2012 A UK Lawyer Faces Tax Charges Over an Ex-Fido Vice Chair's Estate
5/15/2012 Gross Says "the Great White Whale Lies on the Horizon"
5/15/2012 Investors Pour Two-Thirds of Inflows Into Vanguard and Pimco
5/14/2012 Connolly Adds Six External Wholesalers
5/14/2012 Jacobs Leaves Hatteras
5/14/2012 Climate Change Fighters Attack AmFunds, Fido and Vanguard
5/14/2012 MStar Grades Target Date Funds' Stability
5/14/2012 Jury Checkmates "The Bishop"
5/14/2012 Younger Oelschlager May Not Be "Chief Banana"
5/14/2012 Seeking Alpha Adds 20 ETFs to Death Watch
5/14/2012 BlackRock's Fink Throws His Hat into Obama's Ring
5/11/2012 Record Sales Lift MFS' AUM
5/11/2012 Polk Discovers a New Strategy for Rainier
5/11/2012 Kantor's Team Powers Neuberger's New Fund
5/11/2012 Who's Covering the ICI GMM?
5/11/2012 Yates Will Leave Pioneer For London
5/11/2012 Ink Is Not Dry, Says Schapiro
5/11/2012 Iben's Exit Spurs Two Reopenings at Tradewinds
5/11/2012 Three Columbia PMs Replace Two
5/11/2012 Vanguard Execs Cut Fees in a 529
5/11/2012 The Guggenheim-DWS Deal Falls Apart
5/10/2012 Drachman Pours a Third Alts Fund for Credit Suisse
5/10/2012 Regulators, Not Competitors, are Keeping Fundsters Up at Night
5/10/2012 A Lost Decade? Hailer Wants Another One
5/10/2012 Persaud Leads Fido to Global Equity Income
5/10/2012 Van Eck's Rodilosso Takes on iShares and WisdomTree
5/9/2012 A Legg Mason Vet Takes Over kasina's Sales
5/9/2012 Stevens Lambasts CFTC's and SEC's Moves
5/9/2012 Franklin PMs Speak to the Press
5/9/2012 Dan Ross Elevates a New Kind of White Paper
5/9/2012 MStar's Team Breaks Out Two New Categories
5/9/2012 Gross and Hatzius Predict Fed Action
5/9/2012 Barrato Notches Arrow's First ETF
5/9/2012 MFWire at the ICI GMM
5/8/2012 A Product Guru Joins a New Old Fund Shop
5/8/2012 Nygren Seeks a New Partner
5/8/2012 Reynolds Expands Putnam's DC I-O Offerings
5/8/2012 Bond Market Gold Rush Overflows Two T.Rowe Funds' Coffers
5/8/2012 Does Schapiro Have Money Fund Reg Backup?
5/8/2012 Is Morgan Keegan Using a "Scorched-Earth Policy"?
5/8/2012 Directors Should Rock the Boat Says Jaffe
5/8/2012 Mstar Recommends Against Magellan
5/7/2012 Weil Adds Two Top Janus Posts
5/7/2012 Q1 Disappoints for Hennessy
5/7/2012 Not Having an MStar Rating is No Excuse for Failure
5/7/2012 WSJ Says DFA Loses an Edge to ETFs
5/7/2012 How Can Active ETFs Gain Traction?
5/7/2012 Gundlach's "Not Looking For Infinite Growth"
5/7/2012 InvestmentNews: Socially Conscious Are in Vogue
5/7/2012 ETFs' Competition Ups Risks and Lowers Profits
5/7/2012 Burkenroad PM Will Widen Small Cap's Road
5/7/2012 Fuss Among PMs Who Sees Bond Party Ending
5/7/2012 Gross Tweets to Connect
5/7/2012 The 529 Space in Flux Means Mandates Are Up for Grabs
5/4/2012 Fundsters Celebrate With the Expect Miracles Foundation
5/4/2012 Are You in the Dementia Business?
5/4/2012 Manning & Napier Still Expands, Reports First Profit
5/4/2012 FT Starts Money Fund Reform Coverage
5/4/2012 Wirehouses Feel Finra's Wrath Over Leveraged ETFs
5/4/2012 Fidelity Leaves Behind its Puritan Way
5/4/2012 Growth PMs Resist Apple's Allure at Their Peril
5/4/2012 Senator Wants Another ETF Hearing
5/3/2012 Hancock's Mutual Fund Sales Turn Around
5/3/2012 Eagle Hires a Sales Exec in California
5/3/2012 UMB Wins a BFDS Mutual Fund Client
5/3/2012 MarketWatch Says Yes to BlackRock and T. Rowe
5/3/2012 Franklin Reports "Good But Not Great" Earnings
5/3/2012 Legg's Expected Results Frustrate Fetting
5/3/2012 Pimco Total Return Grows Bigger Than Ever
5/2/2012 AllianceBernstein's DC Chief Decamps to Academia
5/2/2012 AllianceBernstein's AUM Dips
5/2/2012 Fund Sales Lift Virtus to a New Record
5/2/2012 Is Artio Facing a "Slow-Motion Unwind"?
5/2/2012 William Blair Debuts a Multi-PM Fund
5/2/2012 18 Republicans and 15 Democrats Attack Schapiro's Money Fund Proposals
5/1/2012 A Texas Wholesaler Switches Firms
5/1/2012 A Tennessee Shop Lights Up a New Fund
5/1/2012 Shareholders Ok Another Invesco Fund Reorg
5/1/2012 Perrit Re-Brands a Mutual Fund
5/1/2012 Are CapGroup's Captains Steering Off Course?
5/1/2012 Bloomberg Attacks Front-End Loads
5/1/2012 Two Mutual Fund Bigwigs are Top Obama Bundlers
5/1/2012 401k Balances Roar Back, Say Fido Execs
5/1/2012 Newspapers' Woes Are in Funds' Future, Says Steinberg
4/30/2012 Ivy's Parent Beats Expectations
4/30/2012 Baird Hires a Top UMB Alum
4/30/2012 A California RIA Climbs into the Fund Business
4/30/2012 Post-Gazette Picks Up Money Fund Heebie Jeebies from Federated
4/30/2012 LPL's Money Men Ready Some Powder
4/30/2012 DFA's Booth Looks to Asia, Not ETFs, for Growth
4/30/2012 At $100 Billion, Danoff's Pot is Again Largest
4/27/2012 A Big Apple Asset Manager Sells to an LA Firm
4/27/2012 Guggenheim Loads Three More Bullets
4/27/2012 Federated Reports Mixed Q1 Results
4/27/2012 Hartford Sells Annuity Sales
4/27/2012 Macquarie Won't Be Another Guggenheim
4/27/2012 Vanguard Escalates the ETF War
4/26/2012 SSgA Activates Three New ETFs
4/26/2012 Morningstar Infrastructure Investment Causes Earnings Miss
4/26/2012 TCW Wins Sub-Advisory Spot
4/26/2012 Fund Executives Testify in Bishop Trial
4/26/2012 Bank Claims Fraud by AMF Funds Advisor
4/26/2012 Invesco Grows its Bottom Line
4/25/2012 RiverNorth Adds Two Team Members
4/25/2012 A Big Four Law Firm Wins a Fido Vet
4/25/2012 Columbia's Outflows Continued in Q1
4/25/2012 Invesco May Put Atlantic on the Block
4/25/2012 ETC Lends a Hand with Mirae ETFs
4/25/2012 Vanguard Move May Ignite Euro ETF Price War
4/25/2012 Pimco Plans an Inflation-Linked ETF
4/25/2012 Ned Johnson Made Steve Jobs Look Like He Was Asleep
4/24/2012 ETF Providers, Unite!
4/24/2012 BNY Mellon Goes Global with a Distribution Hire
4/24/2012 Janus Gains AUM
4/24/2012 MFEA Tweets NYC
4/24/2012 The Johnsons Will Accept Some Love From Boston
4/24/2012 Nomura is "Less Than Happy," Shuts Down Two Funds in Four Months
4/24/2012 T. Rowe's Net Rises But Falls Short
4/24/2012 Morningstar Sees Fund Fees Fall By Two BPs
4/24/2012 Prez Race Spotlight Hits Fidelity, Then Moves On
4/23/2012 Fund Fees Continue to Fall
4/23/2012 A Manning and Napier Board Member Dies
4/23/2012 SEI Taps a Lincoln Alum to Lead Distribution
4/23/2012 Fleites Decamps from 401k Recordkeeper
4/23/2012 Review Reveals Fund Screening Tool's Flaws
4/23/2012 When Campanale Speaks, Will People Listen?
4/23/2012 Pimco to Open First Office in Latin America
4/20/2012 SSgA Lands a $965MM Mandate
4/20/2012 Proposed Regs May Scare Money Fund Customers Away
4/20/2012 Westwood Funds Grow 24 Percent
4/20/2012 A Pimco Fund Suffers Unconstrained Outflows
4/20/2012 Is Schwab the New Vanguard?
4/20/2012 Javelin JETS Back Into ETFs
4/19/2012 RidgeWorth Helps Advisors Find a Personal Brand
4/19/2012 Global X Energizes a New ETF
4/19/2012 Cohen and Steers Nets Nearly $1 Billion of Inflows
4/19/2012 Finra Targets Leveraged-ETF Traders
4/19/2012 Growing Again, T. Rowe Execs Will Build Again
4/19/2012 Putnam Explores Active ETFs
4/19/2012 Money Funds "More Resilient" Admits Treasury's Miller
4/18/2012 Three Guggenheim Chiefs Leave and Two Rise
4/18/2012 Morningstar's Data Chief Heads Out
4/18/2012 OppFunds Globalizes the Tribeca Film Festival
4/18/2012 AMG Scoops Up a 5-Star Fund Shop
4/18/2012 $18.2 Billion Flows Into iShares
4/18/2012 Scalia is ICI's Knight as CFTC Case Could Slow SEC Rulemaking
4/18/2012 iShares Takes on a New WisdomTree ETF
4/17/2012 Gemini Offers Two Roads to Alternative Mutual Funds
4/17/2012 Vanguard's Social Nature Earns Online Kudos
4/17/2012 A Dimensional Vet Sets Up Shop in LA
4/17/2012 Gundlach Bristles at TCW Performance Boasts
4/17/2012 "A Spin-Off or Sale of SSgA Could Pose Strategic Risk"
4/17/2012 ALPS Fetches a Fifth ETF
4/17/2012 Schwab Waives $163MM in Money Fund Fees
4/16/2012 Federated Buys in London
4/16/2012 BPV Rebrands Following its Foray into '40 Act Funds
4/16/2012 Touchstone Wraps a Deal and Augments a Relationship
4/16/2012 Amid Deals, Money Fund Sponsors See a Brighter Bottom Line
4/16/2012 Why is India "a Miserable Disappointment" for U.S. Fund Firms?
4/16/2012 Commodity Fundsters Face a "Regulatory Land Grab"
4/13/2012 "Has Any Fund Ever Grown Faster Than This One?"
4/13/2012 SaveDaily Raises $1.25MM
4/13/2012 SunAmerica Adds Two Top Execs and Reorgs
4/13/2012 Is Isolation Milwaukee's Mutual Fund Secret?
4/13/2012 ETF Sponsors to Pay Market Makers
4/12/2012 Mirae Hunts For Another Top U.S. Exec
4/12/2012 Does Stewardship Impact Mutual Fund Performance?
4/12/2012 Havener Helps a New Fund Firm Target RIAs
4/12/2012 Fund Flows Fell in March
4/12/2012 Zimpleman Says Principal is Set: "Now We Just Need to Execute"
4/12/2012 Is Fidelity "Struggling to Find a Sense of Direction" Outside the U.S.?
4/12/2012 Fallen Angels Get Their ETF Wings
4/11/2012 A Hedge Fund Firm Officially Enters the '40 Act Business
4/11/2012 Mirae Uses a Mulligan For Distribution
4/11/2012 WisdomTree's Own PE Tops 300
4/11/2012 Cogent Sees ETFs Taking MF's Crown
4/11/2012 Stock Analysts Like AMG, Invesco, T. Rowe
4/11/2012 Wilmington Hedges its Bets with a New Fund
4/11/2012 Parker is Expected to Go With DWS to Guggenheim
4/10/2012 A Veteran Vanguard Fund Manager Dies
4/10/2012 USAA Hires an Ex-Hartford Chief
4/10/2012 Neuberger's Sales Force and Reach Expand
4/10/2012 Butch, Dorsey, Gatch and Rice Win Big
4/10/2012 Traditional Equity Funds Close the Flow Gap With ETFs
4/10/2012 Bernanke Stands with Schapiro on Money Fund Reform
4/10/2012 First Trust Prepares to Follow Hedge Funds
4/9/2012 Change Inspires Alger's People
4/9/2012 Stadion Launches Two New Funds
4/9/2012 Alger Touts Its History
4/9/2012 S&P Capital IQ Hires a Nomura Alum
4/9/2012 Fetting Says Legg Mason Has "What It Takes to Complete This Turnaround"
4/9/2012 Franklin's Charlie Johnson Backs the Giants But "Liked the Yankees For a While"
4/9/2012 Morningstar Defends Mansueto's Dual Role
4/9/2012 Gatch Globallly Unifies J.P. Morgan's Fund Biz
4/5/2012 Arrow Hires An ETF Expert
4/5/2012 Fifth Third Does Another Deal
4/5/2012 Touchstone Buys 16 More Funds
4/5/2012 Why ETFs are not Taking Over 401k
4/5/2012 iShares Launches Two More ETFs Through BATS
4/5/2012 Fidelity is First to Adopt Clean Fund Distribution in the U.K.
4/4/2012 Invesco Gets The Green Light to Re-org Two Funds
4/4/2012 A One Star Big Apple Fund Takes a Bite Out of its Fees
4/4/2012 What Do You Think of the SEC's Data on Target Date Funds?
4/4/2012 Claymore Canada's Founder Leaves iShares
4/4/2012 Hedger Hit with Record Penalty for Late Trading Funds
4/4/2012 Dodge & Cox Bets on PMs to Restore Stock's Glory
4/4/2012 Total Victory? DoubleLine Total Return Outdraws Pimco Total Return
4/3/2012 An Appeals Court Upholds Ameriprise's Fee Suit Victory
4/3/2012 An RIA Touts a Partnership That Launched a Fund
4/3/2012 RiverPark Launches a Mutual Fund By Conversion
4/3/2012 A BNY Mellon Alum Takes Over Biz Dev at Ultimus
4/3/2012 Fink is Building a Brand
4/3/2012 iShares' Two New ETFs Fly With BATS
4/3/2012 "A Battleship Like Fidelity Clearly Won the Day"
4/3/2012 A Judge Smites a Fidelity Client For Swapping Out Vanguard Wellington
4/3/2012 Van Eck Taps Into International High Yield
4/2/2012 Aristotle Logically Enters the Mutual Fund Biz
4/2/2012 RidgeWorth Shutters a Fund
4/2/2012 Lazard Bulks Ups its Fixed Income Lineup
4/2/2012 A Five Star Fund Loses its Load
4/2/2012 Franklin's Greg Johnson: "Equities Are the Right Place to Go"
4/2/2012 Will Bill Gross "Jump Up and Down in Ecstasy"?

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