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Stories Published Between 7/1/2022 And 10/1/2022
8/12/2022 Outflows Fall By $48B
8/12/2022 Stock Fund Inflows Bounce Back to $4B
8/11/2022 A Three-Year-Old Multi-Boutique Enters the ETF Biz
8/11/2022 A Gotham PM Dies At 42
8/10/2022 34 Years In, a Series Trust Gains Its First CEO
8/10/2022 So Much For Fundsters' Post-2018 Bonus Gains
8/9/2022 What an $81B-AUM Firm's New Chief Is Hunting
8/9/2022 A $322B-AUM Firm Will Buy In CT
8/8/2022 A $56B-AUM Firm Launches an EM Fund
8/8/2022 Week In Preview, August 8 - August 14
8/5/2022 As a $299B-AUM Firm's CEO Bids Adieu, a Co-Prez Rises
8/5/2022 Bond Fund Flows Rebound to $5B
7/29/2022 After 18 Years, a Natixis SVP Passes the Reins
7/29/2022 Money Funds Dominate With $6B of Inflows
7/28/2022 An EVP Carves His Own Path Post-Pimco
7/28/2022 Management Will Take a $45B-AUM Firm Private
7/27/2022 Passive Inflows Fall By $42B; Active Outflows Fall By $19B
7/27/2022 Rebuffed, a Fund Firm's Would-Be Acquirers Raise a Disclosure Issue
7/26/2022 GQG Leads, Yet Industry Outflows Per Fund Rise 54 Percent
7/26/2022 With a Deal's Close, a $322B-AUM Firm Gains a Backer
7/25/2022 An Abs Return Shop Wins As Micro Flows Barely Sour
7/25/2022 Week In Preview, July 25 - July 31
7/22/2022 Innovator Threepeats, With $392MM In Inflows
7/22/2022 Flows Sour With a $15B, One-Week Swing
7/21/2022 ProShares Leads As 17 Percent of Midsize Firms Win Inflows
7/21/2022 BlackRock Buys Vanguard. No, Not THAT One!
7/20/2022 Large Firms Account For All the Industry's 2022 Net Outflows
7/20/2022 MMI Pushes a Conference Back Four Months
7/19/2022 Down $2.737T In a Year
7/19/2022 A 32-Year-Old Shop Will Sell to a $631B-AUM Firm
7/18/2022 A New Analytics Chief Rises At a $1.82T-AUM Firm
7/18/2022 Week In Preview, July 18 - July 24
7/15/2022 A $40B-AUM Firm Adds Two ETFs
7/15/2022 A Gotham Startup Debuts an ETF Octet With a Focused Twist
7/14/2022 Coming Soon From an $88B-AUM Multi-Boutique: ETFs
7/14/2022 A $203B-AUMS Firm Will Buy a Direct Indexer
7/13/2022 An Ex-Hancock ETF Distro Exec Joins an Indexer
7/13/2022 Say Goodbye to a Six-Year-Old ETF Brand
7/12/2022 A 7-Year Schwab Vet Joins an Alts Shop
7/12/2022 A Six-Boutique AM Rebrands, But ...
7/11/2022 Two NYL Shops Team Up On Active ETFs
7/11/2022 Week In Preview, July 11 - July 17
7/8/2022 Long-Term Outflows Fall to $8B
7/8/2022 $1.292B Inflows In a Single Quarter
7/7/2022 An Ex-Seismic Leader Joins Broadridge
7/7/2022 A $42B-AUM Sibling Trio Combines
7/6/2022 MMI Builds a Gateway
7/6/2022 Six Years, $94B In AUM
7/5/2022 Vanguard Hires an 18-Year ICI Vet
7/5/2022 A 10-Fund Firm Rebuffs a Buyout Offer
7/1/2022 Happy Independence Day Weekend!
7/1/2022 A $10.4B-AUM Fund Reopens

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