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Stories Published Between 7/1/2021 And 10/1/2021
9/30/2021 A $7B-AUM Unit Adds an ETF Quartet
9/30/2021 Franklin Buys a $6.4B-AUM Shop
9/29/2021 MMF Inflows Quadruple to $19B
9/29/2021 A Year-Old Shop Debuts Its 14th ETF
9/28/2021 Active and Passive Inflows Both Rebound By 35 Percent
9/28/2021 It's Back to the Branding Future For a $1.7B-AUM Boutique, And ...
9/27/2021 An FI Boutique Leads As Its Inflows Rise 18-Fold
9/27/2021 Week In Preview, September 27 - October 3
9/24/2021 IMEA Goes Virtual, While Informa Pushes Inside ETFs Back
9/24/2021 Money Market Funds Drive Inflows Above $50B
9/23/2021 A $1.7T-AUM AM Says Bet On Your Future
9/23/2021 Kapoor Envisions the New Sustainability
9/22/2021 Micro Inflows Jump 73 Percent to $1.26B
9/22/2021 The Six Most Trusted Fund Firms Are ...
9/21/2021 Harbor's First Two ETFs Arrive
9/21/2021 A $2.9T-AUM Duo's Chief May Be Exiting
9/20/2021 A Global Value Shop Leads As Small Firms' Inflows Rise 12 Percent
9/20/2021 Week In Preview, September 20 - September 26
9/17/2021 These Outflows Rose Tenfold to $45B
9/17/2021 Is a $5.5T-AUM Mega-Merger Coming Soon?
9/16/2021 Battling "The Great Resignation"
9/16/2021 A Client Outreach and Marketing Master Joins a Windy City Fund Firm
9/15/2021 Midsize Firms' Marketshare Slips Below 10.5 Percent
9/15/2021 An AM Network Invests In a $4.8B-AUM Shop
9/14/2021 Pimco's Inflows Double
9/14/2021 A $163B-AUM Multiboutique Buys Into Alts
9/13/2021 Inflows Jump By $20B, Despite a Titan's Slip
9/13/2021 Week In Preview, September 13 - September 19
9/10/2021 A $577B-AUM AM Hires a Global Ops and Platforms Chief
9/10/2021 Equity Inflows and Money Market Outflows Both Collapse
9/9/2021 A Smart Beta Shop Hires a Product Chief
9/9/2021 An $18.5B-AUM AM Launches a Travel ETF
9/8/2021 Fundsters Gather to Support the Surfside Victims
9/8/2021 Three Years, $1B In AUM
9/7/2021 A Utility CEO Joins a $1.5T-AUM AM's Board
9/7/2021 Week In Preview, September 7 - September 12
9/3/2021 Happy Labor Day Weekend!
9/3/2021 $20.1B of Outflows Here Drowns Out Inflows Most Everywhere Else
9/2/2021 A SoCal Fund Firm's New Chief Will Expand Its Investment Universe
9/2/2021 A $164MM Options-Powered Fund Gets to Silver
9/1/2021 A $1.1B-AUM Global Fund Celebrates 15 Years
9/1/2021 A $4.1T-AUM Titan Is Hiring Thousands, But ...
8/31/2021 After 25 Years, a Senior Exec Leaves a $183B-AUM Firm
8/31/2021 $6.6T Out of $9.46T, and Counting
8/30/2021 Money Market Inflows Return, Yet Marketshare Falls Below 12 Percent
8/30/2021 Week In Preview, August 30 - September 7
8/27/2021 Active Inflows Fall 40 Percent, and Passive Falls, Too, But ...
8/27/2021 Inflows Plunge By $30.1B
8/26/2021 An $18B-AUM Subadvised Fund Firm Celebrates the Big Two-Oh
8/26/2021 Dodge and Cox's Proportional Inflows Rise 18-Fold
8/25/2021 Micro Inflows Fall 46 Percent to $729MM
8/25/2021 A $9B-AUMA Tactical Fixed Income Trio Gains a Chief
8/24/2021 Pacer Leads As Small Firms' Inflows Share Rises 26 Percent
8/24/2021 Three Years, 70 ETFs, and $5B In AUM
8/23/2021 KraneShares Leads, Yet Midsize Inflows Fall 64 Percent
8/23/2021 Week In Preview, August 23 - 29
8/20/2021 Inflows Climb to $33B, Boosted By Equity ETFs
8/20/2021 A $183B-AUM Shop Debuts an MBS ETF
8/19/2021 A $59B-AUM ETF Shop Celebrates a Decade and a Half
8/19/2021 Nuveen Leads As Large Firms' Inflows Rise 27 Percent
8/18/2021 Three Years Later, a U.S. Fund Firm Adds to a $351MM Deal
8/18/2021 An $82B-AUM Shop Streamlines Its ETF Brand
8/17/2021 1 Firm, 51 Percent of Industry Inflows
8/17/2021 PE, VCs, Ameriprise, and T. Rowe Bet $170MM More On an Ally to AMs
8/16/2021 A Senior Invesco Alum Joins a $600B-AUM AM
8/16/2021 Week In Preview, August 16 - August 22
8/13/2021 An HF and Research Vet Forges an Active ETF Startup
8/13/2021 Weekly Inflows Rebound to $25B
8/12/2021 Two Fintechs Team Up to Launch, White Label, and Customize ETFs
8/12/2021 A $100B-AUM AM's Wealth Channel Chief Passes the Reins
8/11/2021 A 16-Year M* Vet and SVP Exits
8/11/2021 A Titan Preps a $9.7B-AUM MF-to-ETF Conversion
8/10/2021 Embracing the Hybrid — Digital Engagement For a Post-Covid World
8/10/2021 AMs May Spend 10 to 15 Percent More On Bonuses
8/9/2021 What Is This Three-Year-Old Multiboutique Hunting?
8/9/2021 Week In Preview, August 9 - August 15
8/6/2021 Spouting Rock Backs a 14-Year-Old NJ Shop
8/6/2021 Inflows Plunge 14-Fold to $2.1B
8/5/2021 A $1.3B-AUM Fund Reaches a Silver Milestone
8/5/2021 Sans Mandate, an MF Titan Offers Vaccine Bonuses
8/4/2021 As Earnings Rebound, a $4B-AUM Boutique Hunts
8/4/2021 An $11.4B-AUM Boutique Enters the ETF Biz
8/3/2021 VC Access For All, In '40 Act Form
8/3/2021 A 27-Year-Old Fund Firm Launches Two ETFs
8/2/2021 iM Global Invests In a $14.6B-AUM Shop
8/2/2021 Week In Preview, August 2 - August 8
7/30/2021 A $60B-AUM Shop Puts a Bitcoin Strat In an MF
7/30/2021 Bond, Equity, and Money Funds All Share In $29B of Inflows
7/29/2021 An Ex-SSGA Distro Leader Joins a B-D Giant
7/29/2021 A $1.62T-AUM Giant's CEO and CFO Pass the Reins
7/28/2021 After 15 Years, a CCO Rides Off Into Retirement
7/28/2021 As MMF Marketshare Slips, Only Morgan Stanley Wins Inflows
7/27/2021 JPM Keeps the Lead As Active Inflows Double
7/27/2021 As a $604B-AUM Firm Rebrands, a New CEO Springs In
7/26/2021 Inflows Per Fund Rise 27 Percent As Bridge Builder Leads
7/26/2021 Week In Preview, July 26 - August 1
7/23/2021 $8.8B Flows Out of Equity Funds
7/23/2021 $500MM In Six Years
7/22/2021 Strategy Shares Takes the Micro Lead
7/22/2021 Touchstone Seals a $6.8B-AUM Deal
7/21/2021 A $6.2B-AUM Shop Wins As Small Firms' Marketshare Dips
7/21/2021 So You Want to Launch an ETF
7/20/2021 Two Years, $100MM
7/20/2021 $1.24T Out of $9.35T
7/19/2021 VanEck Leads As Midsize Inflows Triple
7/19/2021 Week In Preview, July 19 - July 25
7/16/2021 $30.7B Flows Out of These Funds
7/16/2021 15 Fund Firms Win Praise For Disability Inclusion
7/15/2021 From Fundster Product Chief to Management Consultant
7/15/2021 Schwab and First Trust Dominate
7/14/2021 3 Firms, 46 Percent of Industry AUM, 58 Percent of Inflows
7/14/2021 Vanguard and BlackRock Bet On a Pair of Startups
7/13/2021 After 34 Years With Franklin, a Senior Exec Joins a Faith-Based Shop
7/13/2021 30 Years, $7.5B In Assets
7/12/2021 From MF Wholesaler to Quant Crypto Investing Entrepreneur
7/12/2021 Week In Preview, July 12 - July 18
7/9/2021 Equity Fund Flows Swing Negative as Money Fund Outflows Rise
7/8/2021 A $109B-AUM AM Launches Its First Small Cap Fund
7/8/2021 11 U.S. Fundsters Win Praise as LGBT+ Allies
7/7/2021 Barings Bets $166MM On an Ally to AMs
7/7/2021 A $33B-AUM PE Buys a Fund Distributor
7/6/2021 AMG Buys a $47B-AUM Firm
7/6/2021 Week In Preview, July 6 - July 11
7/2/2021 Happy Independence Day Weekend!
7/2/2021 ETF Inflows Spike As Money Fund Outflows Plummet
7/1/2021 A $198B-AUM AM Adds an Asset Allocation Co-Chief
7/1/2021 A $551B-AUM AM's Parent Stands Firm

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