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Stories Published Between 4/1/2016 And 7/1/2016
6/30/2016 Stork and Reaper -- June 30, 2016
6/30/2016 Gross' Firm Promotes From Within
6/30/2016 A $25MM Salve For T. Rowe's $194MM Proxy Voting Pain
6/29/2016 Bingaman Refocuses Diamond Hill 100 Percent On Investment Management
6/29/2016 MFWire Introduces...The New Fund Fuss!
6/29/2016 Katz Frowns On These Two Jefferies Favorites
6/28/2016 Stork and Reaper -- June 28, 2016
6/28/2016 U.S. Asset Managers Feel the Brexit Burn
6/28/2016 BlackRock v Bloomberg
6/27/2016 Stork and Reaper -- June 27, 2016
6/27/2016 An Asset Manager Sells Its Fund Services Arm
6/27/2016 The Brexit Freeze, Roboadvisor Style
6/24/2016 Streur Transforms Distro While Slimming Calvert Down
6/24/2016 Stork and Reaper is BACK - June 24, 2016
6/24/2016 Multinational Asset Managers Face a One-Two Brexit Punch
6/23/2016 Moninger Refines Channels and Key Accounts at Eaton Vance
6/23/2016 This Private Equity Shop Is Still Looking For the Perfect Match For Mutual Fund Distro
6/23/2016 Is This Wirehouse On the Block?
6/22/2016 A Lone Star Fund Chief Refocuses Away From Subadvisors
6/22/2016 As Schroders Does a U.S. Deal, Two Distro Execs Shift
6/22/2016 BlackRock In Blue Jeans
6/21/2016 Havener Helps an N.J. Shop Climb Into the Mutual Fund Biz
6/21/2016 A Fundster Voice-For-Hire Starts His Own Shop
6/21/2016 Does Invesco Check All the Right Boxes?
6/20/2016 Deloitte Gobbles Up an Asset Management Consultancy
6/20/2016 El-Erian Warns That Conventional Asset Management Wisdom Will Turn Upside Down
6/20/2016 Will Franklin or T. Rowe Buy This ETF Shop? An Analyst Wonders
6/17/2016 A Top Voice For M* Moves On
6/17/2016 Three Fund Firms Brought In More than $2B Each In May
6/17/2016 GMO and Pimco Slim Down
6/16/2016 M* Investment Conference 2016 In Pictures
6/16/2016 Roboadvisors Gather in the Big Apple
6/16/2016 Fink Says Asset Management Needs Consolidation
6/15/2016 This Subadvised Fund Shop Is Poised To Do Its First Deal Or Two
6/15/2016 McNabb Predicts a Fee Crunch ... For FAs
6/15/2016 Arnott vs Asness
6/14/2016 Don Phillips Bemoans the Active-Passive Civil War
6/14/2016 Hasenstab Hunts EM Investments With a Rifle, Not a Shotgun
6/14/2016 Broadridge and DST Do a $410MM Deal
6/13/2016 A PM Steps Down From a 30-Year-Old Eagle Fund
6/13/2016 ML's Thiel Talks Fighting Cancer
6/13/2016 Abby Johnson Is the Richest Massachusettsan ... Or Is She?
6/10/2016 A Hancock Global Fund PM Leaves a Subadvisor
6/10/2016 M* 2016 Preview
6/10/2016 Is the ETF Seeding Cycle Slowing Down?
6/9/2016 A Focused Boutique Debuts a Second Fund and Prepares to Hire
6/9/2016 Greg Johnson Expects More Mid-Size Asset Manager Mergers
6/8/2016 These Two Trends Now Dominate Flows On Pershing's FundVest
6/8/2016 Pimco's Muni Bond Co-Chief Retires
6/8/2016 Abby Feels Fidelity's Right at Home In This State
6/7/2016 Did This Subadvisor Just Get Ghosted?
6/7/2016 Pershing Reveals Roboadvice Options: Build Your Own or Off-the-Shelf
6/7/2016 Calamos Wants to Stay Connected to the World's Pulse
6/6/2016 1200 FAs Gather in Orlando
6/6/2016 Healey Shells Out $800MM to Buy Into Five More Alts Shops
6/6/2016 Meet Gundlach's Right Hand Jeffrey
6/3/2016 Fisher Consolidates MainStay's FA Sales Under One Chief
6/3/2016 From the Investment Perspective, Nothing Changes Now That This Deal Has Closed
6/3/2016 T. Rowe's $190MM Mea Culpa
6/2/2016 Russell Prepares to Shutter a $451MM Fund
6/2/2016 Dasher Transforms Schroders' U.S. Distro With a Key Partnership
6/2/2016 A Consultant Lands Federated In Hot Water
6/1/2016 Davey Does Hartford's 2nd Mutual Fund Deal of 2016
6/1/2016 Needles Hires a Non-Fundster For the American Beacon C-Suite
6/1/2016 The Boston Behemoth Expands In the Land of Enchantment
5/31/2016 Touchstone Adopts an Empire State Fund Family
5/31/2016 After 40 Years, a Nuveen Veteran Retires
5/31/2016 OpFunds Teams Up With Another Fund Firm's Parent
5/31/2016 Bill Gross' Successor Adds Another Hat
5/27/2016 An East Coast Shop Launches a Subadvised Fund Family
5/27/2016 Discovery's New Parent Expects to Acquire More
5/27/2016 Pioneer's Fate Is Up In the Air, Again
5/26/2016 PE Discovers a Pair of Advisor Data Shops
5/26/2016 The Richest Person In This State Is a Fundster
5/25/2016 Next Up For This Crowd-Driven ETF Startup: Hiring Distro and Marketing Folks
5/25/2016 Harris Reorgs BNY Mellon IM and Picks a Dreyfus Chief
5/25/2016 Kranefuss Is Back, But Not With an ETF Provider
5/24/2016 Herrmann Retires and a CIO Takes Over Waddell
5/24/2016 The Next Leg In Putnam's FA Support Program
5/24/2016 Where Is This Peter Lynch Protege Now?
5/23/2016 2016 ICI GMM In Pictures
5/23/2016 FactSet Sells Market Metrics For Up to $175MM
5/23/2016 Trump Wins the Support of a Famed Fundster
5/20/2016 Most FAs Expect Robos to Help Them Scale
5/20/2016 White to Fundsters: Your Disclosures Should Change Continuously
5/20/2016 RCG Faces the Valeant Music, In Person
5/19/2016 The Hartford Buys Into the ETF Biz
5/19/2016 These Two Fund Firms Are the Most Important
5/18/2016 McNabb to ICI: Think Global
5/18/2016 My How Things Have Changed For Fundsters
5/18/2016 The Down-Low on Schwab's Break Up With A Shares
5/18/2016 The Parent of Two U.S. Fund Firms Restructures
5/17/2016 This Four-Firm Family's CEO Still Hunts
5/17/2016 Donahue Finds Federated's New Sales Chief Within
5/17/2016 ICI GMM 2016 Is About to Begin
5/17/2016 Royce Isn't Out: Barron's Ponders What's Next
5/16/2016 Seven Months and Counting: Vanguard Is Still On Top
5/16/2016 As Manning Seals the Deal, a Top Rainier Exec Departs
5/16/2016 Echoes of Third Avenue?
5/13/2016 An ETF Strategist Adds a CCO and Replaces an EVP
5/13/2016 Fresh Off a Post-Deal Rebrand, a Small Fund Shop Builds a Sales Force
5/13/2016 Fink and Four Other Fundsters Are Money Masters
5/12/2016 A First Eagle Vet Spreads His Entrepreneurial Wings
5/12/2016 Royce Anoints a CEO
5/12/2016 Krawcheck Enters the Roboadvice Biz
5/11/2016 Bassett's Team Breakfasts With Reporters at Deutsche AM HQ
5/11/2016 Truscott Builds and Buys Into Smart Beta
5/11/2016 A Multinational Asset Manager Hunts For Fixed Income Targets
5/10/2016 Is the DoL Ushering In the Extinction of Tiered Investment Platforms?
5/10/2016 On Fiduciary Issues, ICI Prefers Law to Regs
5/10/2016 Israel Agrees to Extradite a Duo Who Allegedly Hacked Fidelity and J.P. Morgan
5/9/2016 Fundsters Gather to Ponder the Fiduciary Reg
5/9/2016 Who Will Take Over BMO GAM in the U.S.?
5/9/2016 An NYC Dem Tries to Sick the SEC on OpFunds, Calls Out Steinmetz
5/6/2016 MMI's Conferences Consolidate and Shift
5/6/2016 Fresh From Acquiring, Baird Launches Two Funds
5/6/2016 Putnam Voyager's 47-Year Journey Ends
5/5/2016 How Disruptive Are Liquid Alts? Think Uber
5/5/2016 New In 2016: a Scorecard For MFEA's STAR Contenders
5/5/2016 DoubleLine Just Surpassed Its Funder
5/4/2016 Gundlach Versus Presidential Campaign Slogans
5/4/2016 Envestnet, Natixis, and UBS Win in D.C.
5/4/2016 A Fundster's Seven-Acre Horse Farm Sells
5/3/2016 RBC GAM Welcomes a BNY Mellon Biz Dev Vet
5/3/2016 RCF Partially Reopens Sequoia
5/2/2016 Hennessy Buys a $640MM Pair of Funds
5/2/2016 Delaware's Wright Hires In Florida
5/2/2016 An $870MM Eaton Vance Team's Leader Retires
5/2/2016 If They Are Cheap, They Can Prosper
4/29/2016 Touchstone Re-Teams With a Subadvisor In Transition
4/29/2016 ETFs Gain Ground In Five Distro Channels While Backsliding In Two
4/29/2016 More ETF Policing? E Tu, Gastineau?
4/28/2016 A $21B Alts Shop's Fund Arm Leaves a Subadvisory Slot
4/28/2016 Schwab Drops A Shares, But How Much?
4/27/2016 A Dozen Fund Firms Win in Gotham
4/27/2016 William Blair Will Shutter a 4.5-Year-Old Fund
4/27/2016 Waddell Cuts Costs By Ten Percent
4/26/2016 Mutual Funds Aren't Off the Table For This Managed Account Specialist
4/26/2016 English Changes Up FMI's Portfolio Management Committee
4/26/2016 Larry Fink, Through the Eyes of Gen Z
4/25/2016 A Multialternative Fund Pair Shuts Down
4/25/2016 Franklin's Retail Distro Chief Retires
4/25/2016 Leary Hires a Top Voice for TIAA GAM
4/22/2016 Szilagyi Hunts For More Alts Deals
4/22/2016 Ivy Turns Over a Brand New Leaf
4/22/2016 A FinTech Titan Just Backed a Roboadvisor
4/21/2016 This Hedge-to-Mutual Fund Conversion Quickly Catalyzed Growth
4/21/2016 Jack Lew Explains Why He's Watching You
4/20/2016 Manning Returns His Namesake Fund Firm to a Familiar Structure
4/20/2016 Cunningham Retires From Manning
4/20/2016 The Most Successful Money Managers Are Actually Something Else
4/19/2016 A Top SSgA Alum Takes Over Wells Fargo AM
4/19/2016 As Manning Buys Rainier, Another Buyer Snaps Up a Piece
4/19/2016 Every Fundster Has a Plan Until They Get Punched In the Face
4/18/2016 A MainStay Exec Joins a 401k Startup
4/18/2016 Third Avenue Takes Its Online Presence Up a Notch
4/18/2016 An Allianz Ops Vet Departs
4/18/2016 A Bank Completes the Next Step In Its ETF Distro Buildout
4/18/2016 Did Peltz Mistime His Legg Mason Exit?
4/15/2016 Legg Mason Invests in a Retirement Plan Startup
4/15/2016 What Will Larry Fink Tell the Class of 2016?
4/15/2016 Reynolds Picks a Chief For His Second Asset Manager
4/14/2016 DoubleLine, AB, and BlackRock Killed It In March
4/14/2016 JPMAM Buys a Slice of an ETF Shop
4/14/2016 LPL's Robo-Future Is Now
4/13/2016 A $676MM Great-West Fund Switches Subadvisors
4/13/2016 This Summer, a Chitown Shop Will Enter the Mutual Fund Biz
4/13/2016 The Secret Sauce Behind a Shy, $100B Shop
4/12/2016 A Long-Term Strategic Investor Buys a Big Piece of Legg Mason
4/12/2016 The Alternative Appel of Value Line's Eye
4/12/2016 Sequoia Redeems In Kind
4/11/2016 O'Hanley Hires a Fido Alum For a Key SSgA Post
4/11/2016 Crystal Ball Check: Who Will Take This CIO Spot?
4/11/2016 The $75MM Fundster
4/8/2016 DiMarsico Builds Out a New Team For Federated
4/8/2016 An Original PM Leaves a $3.5B Bond Fund
4/8/2016 Inside Mansueto's 'Morningstar Mansion'
4/7/2016 When Digesting the Fiduciary Reg, Watch the Distributors
4/7/2016 Schultz Hires a Chief For a Core Component of American Century's Distro
4/7/2016 The Morning After the Fiduciary Reg
4/6/2016 William Blair Blogs
4/6/2016 Asset Management is a Bright Spot For Deutsche
4/6/2016 That Big Revised Retirement Reg Arrives
4/5/2016 A Distro Vet Guides an Exchange Ally Into 40 Act Country
4/5/2016 VIM Hires a Private Banking Alum For a MASSive Spot
4/5/2016 Is This the End of the Beginning of the ETF Boom?
4/4/2016 A Dynamic New Fund Firm Hires Its First Wholesaler
4/4/2016 Bridgeway's New Prez Plans New Hires and an Insti Push
4/4/2016 Uh-Oh! Are Robos No-Go In MA?
4/1/2016 An Institutional Multinational Makes a U.S. ETF Alliance
4/1/2016 An Alts Shop Scales Back Its ETF Biz
4/1/2016 UBS and Credit Suisse Anoint Asset Management Bankers

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