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Stories Published Between 4/1/2009 And 7/1/2009
6/30/2009 Haldeman Leaves Putnam For Good
6/30/2009 T. Rowe Enlarges Its Equity Lineup
6/30/2009 Putnam Plans to Shutter a Facility
6/30/2009 Jaffe Slams Foresight Value
6/30/2009 Franklin Adopts a Fixed Income Trio
6/30/2009 A Boston Paper Gives Reynolds The Spotlight
6/30/2009 401k Fee Fairness Hits Dow Jones
6/29/2009 Munder's New President Eyes M&A Deals
6/29/2009 SEC Slaps State Street with a Wells Notice
6/29/2009 MainStay Revamps its Fund Lineup
6/29/2009 WSJ Reviews Reynolds' First Year on the Job at Putnam
6/29/2009 Fido, Federated and Vanguard React to Money Fund Proposals
6/29/2009 Legg is Leaving Legg Mason
6/26/2009 OppFunds Guides Advisors to 'Rework' Their Post-Plunge Relationships
6/26/2009 Pax Preps for its ETF Debut
6/26/2009 Stock Analysts Share Their Views On Legg Mason's Future
6/26/2009 Fidelity Scoffs at Lawson Rumors
6/26/2009 Aberdeen Hunts for Added U.S. Distribution
6/26/2009 SEC Supports Jones Against Oakmark Funds
6/25/2009 FRC's New Chief Speaks of His Plan
6/25/2009 An Advisor, a Fundster and a Marketer Lead a Reborn Alliance
6/25/2009 WisdomTree Tweaks Four ETFs
6/25/2009 Laporte to Relinquish the Reins at T. Rowe's Second Oldest Fund
6/25/2009 An Oakmark PM Packs Up
6/25/2009 The Gray Lady Worries About Target Date Funds
6/25/2009 Peltz Shakes Legg Mason Shares
6/24/2009 A West Coast Fund Shop Acquires Again
6/24/2009 2a-7 Rules Unanimously Pass SEC Scrutiny
6/24/2009 SunStar Promotes its Diamonds in the Rough
6/24/2009 Federated's Donahue Continues to Hunt for Acquisitions
6/24/2009 Bent Fires Back at the SEC
6/24/2009 Yacktman Bounces Back
6/24/2009 Van Eck Debuts Another Hedge-Like Fund
6/23/2009 A Reich & Tang Unit Changes Hands
6/23/2009 SEC Mulls Shortening Money Funds' Maturity Limits
6/23/2009 An 11-Part Report Sings Bogle's Tune on Fund Fees
6/23/2009 A Hedge Fund Makes A Rare Conversion to a Mutual Fund
6/23/2009 Finra Reminds Brokers to Proceed with Caution on Leveraged ETFs
6/23/2009 Fink's Financing Nail-Biter Comes to Light
6/22/2009 A Media Acquirer Targets Strategic Insight
6/22/2009 Jury Finds an Ex-MFS Fund Manager Liable for Insider Trading
6/22/2009 Fetting Received $6.5 Million in Fiscal '09
6/22/2009 A New Global SRI Fund Hits The Shelves
6/22/2009 Gross Confesses to Sending Don Phillips a 'Very Childish' E-mail
6/22/2009 Is Fidelity Eyeing a Transatlantic Deal?
6/22/2009 ICI Chief Calls for a Comprehensive Point-of-Sale Disclosure Plan
6/22/2009 WSJ Casts its Spotlight on Financial-Sector Funds
6/22/2009 Prudent Bear Sees Dark Cloud Around Silver Lining
6/22/2009 Big Investors Run to Indexing
6/19/2009 Fidelity Axes its Private Equity Unit
6/19/2009 A Vanguard Fund Completes its Transition
6/19/2009 A Boston Fund Firm Bucks the Downsizing Trend
6/19/2009 2009 Has So Far Claimed 208 Fund Casualties
6/19/2009 WSJ Highlights Big Pullback from Money Funds
6/19/2009 Expense Ratios Rise at AllianceBernstein
6/19/2009 Where Does the Target Date Debate Stand?
6/18/2009 BofA Narrows the Columbia Bids to Three
6/18/2009 ETF Asset Gains May Only Be Temporary, Cerulli Suggests
6/18/2009 PNC to Hike its Stake in BlackRock
6/18/2009 A Prospectus-Centric Firm Changes Hands
6/18/2009 A Boston Asset Manager Puts Office Space on the Market
6/18/2009 Reserve Partially Liquidates Another Fund
6/18/2009 State Street Pays Back TARP Money
6/18/2009 Will Money Funds Shift to a Floating NAV?
6/18/2009 Money Fund Outflows in the Latest Week are the Highest Since September
6/17/2009 FRC Ends its Hunt for a CEO
6/17/2009 A Top Neuberger Exec Moves On
6/17/2009 Legg Mason Taps an MFS Alum for a Key Sales Post
6/17/2009 Reynolds Eyes Absolute Retirement
6/17/2009 WSJ Places Absolute Return Funds Under the Microscope
6/17/2009 Barclays to Back BlackRock's Deal with $1.2 Billion in Financing
6/16/2009 Barclays Formally Accepts BlackRock's Offer
6/16/2009 A Federal Judge Pushes a Reserve Primary Court Fight to September
6/16/2009 Claymore Puts Three More Active ETFs In Registration
6/16/2009 A Senator's Mutual Fund Sales Fall Under Scrutiny
6/16/2009 An ETF Finds That It's Not Easy Being Popular
6/16/2009 Fido Mulls Charging Advisors For HNW Referrals
6/15/2009 Vanguard Commentator Weighs In on Fund Payouts
6/15/2009 Royce Names a Co-CIO
6/15/2009 An Insurer's Fund Arm is Hiring Wholesalers
6/15/2009 Funds See Second Month of Inflows
6/15/2009 Reserve Tallies $16.6 Million in Primary Expenses
6/15/2009 Active Managers at American Funds and Fidelity Win Praise
6/15/2009 WSJ Revisits Vanguard's Failed Bid for iShares
6/12/2009 Columbia Has One Less Suitor
6/12/2009 BGI Deal Prompts Cut in BlackRock's S&P Rating
6/12/2009 Evergreen’s Valuation Troubles Continue
6/12/2009 Pimco TIPS its Hat to Emerging Markets
6/12/2009 Fink and Diamond First Explored a Deal Six Years Ago
6/11/2009 BlackRock Pulls the Trigger on the BGI Deal
6/11/2009 AllianceBernstein Taps Lieberman's Successor
6/11/2009 ING Brings a Nuveen Vet on Board
6/11/2009 McVey is Back in Morgan Stanley
6/11/2009 BlackRock-BGI Mega Deal Could Come as Soon as Thursday
6/11/2009 WSJ Highlights Fund Inflow Streak
6/10/2009 An Ameriprise Move Raises Deal Speculation
6/10/2009 Legg Mason Appoints a Former Big Four Partner to its Board
6/10/2009 WSJ Notes American Funds, Fidelity and Vanguard Anti-Genocide Proposal Votes
6/10/2009 Abby is the Eighth Richest Woman in the World
6/10/2009 HighMark Keeps Ziegler Thinking Small
6/10/2009 Fund Managers Weigh in on a Slice of Obama's Stimulus Program
6/9/2009 A Second Hedge Fund Replicator Hits the ETF Shelves
6/9/2009 First American Jettisons B Shares in Five of its Funds
6/9/2009 Rydex|SGI Execs Defend their Family of Alternatives
6/9/2009 Alger Hires an Advisor-Focused Marketer
6/9/2009 Monetta Taps a New Sub-Advisor
6/9/2009 Old Mutual Plans ETF Launch
6/9/2009 The BlackRock BGI Deal Still Looms
6/9/2009 Grail Plots Four New Active ETFs
6/9/2009 Cap Group Cut Details Emerge in Texas
6/8/2009 Natixis Will Partially Close a Small Cap Fund
6/8/2009 Evergreen Pays the SEC $40 Million Over Mortgage-Backed Securities
6/8/2009 The ICI Finishes An Online Facelift
6/8/2009 Invesco Strengthens Its Institutional Team
6/8/2009 BlackRock Confirms That 'Negotiations Are Ongoing' With Barclays
6/8/2009 A Health-Care Fund Gains a WSJ Nod for Performance
6/8/2009 Fido Aligns With KKR For Distribution of IPOs
6/5/2009 Fidelity Lays Off in Merrimack
6/5/2009 BlackRock Nears Deal for BGI, FT Reports
6/5/2009 Picture This: Marketing Chief Leaves Sentinel
6/5/2009 Reynolds Hedges Putnam's Product Lineup
6/5/2009 WSJ Anoints a New Mutual Funds Editor
6/5/2009 Gross Sees A New Normalcy
6/5/2009 Winters' Activist Approach Catches Morningstar's Eye
6/5/2009 A Biz Paper Spotlights Magellan's Turnaround
6/4/2009 ProShares Goes Ultra International
6/4/2009 Hotchkis Expands Its High-Yield Fund Business
6/4/2009 Great-West Execs See Hope at Putnam Thanks to Reynolds
6/4/2009 BNY Mellon's Chief Hunts for Asset Managers
6/4/2009 SwanDog Sees An Inconvenient Truth For Mutual Funds
6/4/2009 FPA's CEO Warns Active Managers to Shake Up Their Practices
6/3/2009 Capital Group Moves Ahead With Reductions
6/3/2009 SBI Sells Part of Rydex
6/3/2009 Vanguard Makes Over Three Money Funds
6/3/2009 A Bear and JPMorgan Vet Strategizes for ING
6/3/2009 MFS Draws Media to Company's Outlook
6/3/2009 WSJ Highlights Inflation-Fighting Funds From MFS and Others
6/3/2009 Citi Goes Live With Its Latest Fund Service
6/3/2009 Baron Flies to an I Shares Class
6/3/2009 Morgan Keegan Splits Arb Rulings on its Regions Select Funds
6/3/2009 A Fidelity Vet Closes His Hedge Fund
6/3/2009 Pimco Plays Offense While Competitors Rein Back
6/3/2009 Calamos Triples its Fund Assets
6/2/2009 A Bond Strategist Joins Pimco
6/2/2009 A Fund Company Outsources Admin Duties
6/2/2009 Pimco Makes Its ETF Launch Official
6/2/2009 DWS Cuts Fees and Break Points
6/2/2009 Fitch Downgrades Rydex's Parent
6/2/2009 A Patent Is Awarded To A Portfolio Analysis Platform
6/2/2009 A New Fund Focuses on Risk Mitigation Strategies
6/2/2009 Bearish Bond Funds See A Rally
6/2/2009 Fidelity Contra Gains a WSJ Mention
6/2/2009 AIM Investors Will Receive Fair Funds Distribution
6/2/2009 Ned Passes Part of His Throne to Abby
6/1/2009 Third Avenue Expands its Staff and Fund Lineup
6/1/2009 USA Today Sees Bad News for Some Niche Funds
6/1/2009 A Fund Parent Company Declines Aid
6/1/2009 Is Vanguard a Buyer?
6/1/2009 The Signs of a Rally Spark PM Discussion
6/1/2009 An Old Indexing Debate Continues in a New Light
6/1/2009 A UBS PM Gains a Nod in the WSJ
6/1/2009 WSJ Contemplates Bond Fund Pain
6/1/2009 Coverage Continues for an ETF Newbie
5/29/2009 A Fixed Income Titan Prepares Its ETF Debut
5/29/2009 Touchstone Sells Two Funds To A Natural Buyer
5/29/2009 A Fund Firm Reaches Out To Analysts Online
5/29/2009 Remora Vets Throw One Last Bash
5/29/2009 Morningstar '09: PMs Show More Confidence
5/28/2009 Bogle on Active Funds: 'Be Prepared to Lose One Year Out of Three'
5/28/2009 MarketWatch Rehashes Money Funds' Fee Woes
5/28/2009 PIMCO Names a New C-Level Exec
5/28/2009 Janus Looks North
5/28/2009 Fido Reveals New PM Roles
5/28/2009 A Sub-Advisory Oversight System Officially Arrives
5/28/2009 Fund Managers Sing the Indian Election's Praises
5/27/2009 Another Reserve Fund's Shareholders Receive Their Final Dough
5/27/2009 A Bear Stearns Vet Leads a Fund Servicer to NYC
5/27/2009 Rydex Keeps its Brand Alive for Advisors
5/27/2009 Where Are the Fund Inflows Going?
5/27/2009 Morningstar Analyst Calls for Fund Industry Message Change
5/26/2009 A Fund Servicer Reaches Across a New Continent
5/26/2009 A Class Action Firm Attacks a Core OppFunds Offering
5/26/2009 Where Are Expense Ratios Headed?
5/26/2009 A Local Paper Heralds an MFS Anniversary
5/26/2009 A ProShares Vet's New Company Unveils its First ETFs
5/26/2009 UMAs Gain Some Media Love
5/26/2009 The WSJ Tracks an SMA Manager
5/22/2009 Fido Teaches Bay Staters 529-isms
5/22/2009 A Fund Firm's Co-Founder Bets On An I-Bank
5/22/2009 Fido to Keep Indian Back-office Ops
5/22/2009 A Fund Track Reporter Changes Paths
5/22/2009 Active ETFs are Starting Slowly
5/21/2009 Fido Finally Finds its Top Asset Management Exec
5/21/2009 John Hancock Picks a New President
5/21/2009 Broadridge Eyes Growth with a New Acquisition
5/21/2009 Franklin Pulls Ahead of the Pack in AIG Unit Bidding
5/21/2009 Julius Baer Continues its Remake
5/21/2009 Fund Flows Regaining Strength
5/20/2009 A Startup Offers Fundsters Real-Time Control Over Sub-Advisors
5/20/2009 Walker Leads Neuberger Berman Back to Fundamentals
5/20/2009 Eaton Vance Reports higher Q2 Inflows
5/20/2009 Third Avenue Adds Two Institutional Sales Vets
5/20/2009 Principal Switches Chairmen
5/20/2009 Cogent Sells to a Group of B-Ds
5/20/2009 Bombay Stock Surge Lifts Indian ETFs
5/20/2009 Weitz Leads Value Funds in 2009 After Dismal 2008
5/20/2009 Calamos to Refinance out of Auction-Rate Holdings
5/19/2009 Morningstar Expands ETF Tool Line-up
5/19/2009 OppFunds Hires Away a Portfolio Team
5/19/2009 An Open-Ended Fixed Income Fund Will Swallow Two of its Closed Brethren
5/19/2009 Is Ned Johnson Searching For Another Top Exec?
5/19/2009 Hartford's Chief Highlights Funds' Success
5/19/2009 BlackRock's Role Draws Scrutiny
5/19/2009 Go Anywhere Bond Fund Draws WSJ Ink
5/19/2009 WSJ Finds Seven Funds on a Run
5/18/2009 The Obamas Choose a Single Fund
5/18/2009 Morningstar Takes Smart Phones by Storm
5/18/2009 Mansueto Eyes Expansion
5/18/2009 Reynolds Leverages a Fido Vet With Two New Funds
5/18/2009 Who Will Fink Buy?
5/18/2009 Gross Extends His Reach
5/18/2009 Barclays Capital Sees More Deals Coming
5/18/2009 Bank Rate Funds Top Charts
5/15/2009 A Fund Firm's Parent Refuses Bailout Cash
5/15/2009 Dilbert Pits Mutual Funds Against the Pointy-Haired Boss
5/15/2009 Fund Company Chair Gets a Nod for Athletic Prowess
5/15/2009 Van Eck Takes the Wraps off Another First
5/15/2009 Barclays Shops BGI; iShares Deal Could be Redone
5/15/2009 Tattersall's Fate Makes Headlines
5/15/2009 Stock Analysts See Fewer Fund Firms Ahead
5/14/2009 Leveraged ETFs Capture More Media Attention
5/14/2009 Another Fund Company Bets on Active ETFs
5/14/2009 iShares Throws the Switch on Two Active ETFs
5/14/2009 A Real Estate-Focused Fund Chief Squawks
5/14/2009 Virtus Reports its First Post-Phoenix P&L
5/14/2009 To Guaranty or Not Guaranty, Fund Sponsors Face the Question
5/13/2009 Is Rydex About to Change Hands Again?
5/13/2009 NewRiver Launches a Summary Prospectus Tracker
5/13/2009 A Bank Reportedly Puts a Distributor on the Block
5/13/2009 Power Financial's Checkbook Remains Open for Asset Management Deals
5/13/2009 A Fund Chief Says the Industry 'Let Institutions Down'
5/13/2009 Value Funds Rebound from a Brutal 2008
5/12/2009 A Big Apple Fund Firm Hires a Sales Chief
5/12/2009 Putnam Purchase Might Have Been Better at 'Another Time,' Great-West CEO Says
5/12/2009 Which Asset Managers Does Goldman Recommend?
5/12/2009 Q1 Keeps an Exiting Fund Firm in the Red
5/12/2009 A Janus Market-Timing Suit Reopens While a Second PM Departure Trial Looms
5/12/2009 The Globe Tosses Another Name and a Price Into the Columbia Buzz
5/12/2009 Contrarians Bounce Back
5/12/2009 Two More Bidders Make a Run at AIG Investments
5/11/2009 OppFunds Backs Down Over Chrysler
5/11/2009 Job Cuts Continue at a Baltimore Fund Firm
5/11/2009 Hancock Plans to Merge Two of its Funds
5/11/2009 Three Suitors Reportedly Circle Columbia
5/11/2009 A Fund Firm Adds Six Twists to its New Long Short Fund
5/11/2009 A New Battle Heats Up Over iShares
5/11/2009 Will Janus Fork Over Almost $5 Million to an Ex-Employee?
5/11/2009 A Growth Manager Gives Stock Tips to the WSJ
5/11/2009 Rogers Says April Was Ariel's Best Month in 26 Years
5/8/2009 Schapiro Addresses Fundsters at the ICI GMM
5/7/2009 Reynolds Pushes ICI to Support Target Date Fund Regulation
5/7/2009 Janus Compensation Lawsuit Uncovers Manager Revolt from 06
5/7/2009 Stock Fund Inflows Slowed Despite Market Rebound
5/6/2009 Schwab Slashes Fund Fees and Collapses Share Classes
5/6/2009 Reynolds Calls for Limits to Lifecycle Funds' Equity Exposure
5/5/2009 Hennessy Adds More Red Ink
5/5/2009 Another Fund Firm Turns to a Midwestern Distributor
5/5/2009 Schapiro Accuses Bent of Fraud
5/5/2009 A Small Cap Fund May Close Soon
5/5/2009 Fund Researchers See a Fund Distribution Shift Accelerate
5/5/2009 Schapiro Takes Aim at Target-Date Funds
5/5/2009 Trial Begins in a Breach-of-Contract Suit Against Janus
5/5/2009 Legg Mason Posts a $325 Million Loss
5/5/2009 Growth Funds Continue to Trump Value
5/4/2009 Schapiro Wants a Money Fund Reg Proposal Next Month
5/4/2009 Fidelity Makes Room for a Hedge-Fund Imitator on its Platform
5/4/2009 A New Franklin Fund Eyes Europe and Asia
5/4/2009 A Big Apple ETF Firm Hires an Outsourcer
5/4/2009 Which Mutual Fund Faces the 'Wrath' of the President?
5/4/2009 Neuberger Starts Independent Life Anew
5/4/2009 Morningstar Makes Two Moves in Canada
5/4/2009 An Active ETF's Debut Draws the WSJ's Notice
5/4/2009 Fidelity's Fund Assets Fall by 4.9 Percent
5/1/2009 Dreman Reportedly Cuts Staff
5/1/2009 An Insurer Slims its Asset Manager
5/1/2009 Invesco PowerShares Plans to Shutter 19 ETFs
5/1/2009 Hartford Sees a $1.7 Billion Drop in Q1 Fund Deposits
5/1/2009 A Fund Firm Fights Back Over Chrysler Bankruptcy
5/1/2009 Janus Finalizes a $25 Million Deal
5/1/2009 A 'Boring' Fund Firm Returns to Independence
5/1/2009 Morningstar's Net Rises While Revenues Drop
5/1/2009 Morgan Stanley Picks Replacements for Elmasry's Team
4/30/2009 Another Muni Bond Fund Faces Class Action Flak
4/30/2009 Transamerica Cuts Fees on its Bond Fund
4/30/2009 A Gamco Sales Exec Makes the College Football Hall of Fame
4/30/2009 Calamos is Back in Black
4/30/2009 SSgA Suspends Creation Orders for an ETF
4/30/2009 Evergreen is the Latest to Get Rid of B Shares
4/30/2009 Account Drops Accelerate at a Fund Administrator
4/30/2009 Interest Grows in Tailor-Made Target-Date Funds
4/29/2009 FRC Expects Indie, Regional and RIA Fund Flows to Gradually Rise
4/29/2009 DTCC Quits Merger Talks with LCH.Clearnet
4/29/2009 Nationwide Hires a Sub-Adviser for $5.6 Billion of Money Fund Assets
4/29/2009 A Noted Fund Lawyer Switches Firms
4/29/2009 Outflows Increase But AMG Remains in the Black
4/29/2009 Gamco Expects a 16 to 21 Percent Drop in Q1 Earnings Per Share
4/29/2009 WSJ Sees the Bright Side of Fund Firms' Earnings
4/28/2009 Another Fund Watcher Points to Rising Fees
4/28/2009 S&P Takes Fidelity's Rating Down a Notch
4/28/2009 Water Main Break Forces the Closure of T. Rowe's HQ
4/28/2009 Van Kampen Launches Six Sub-Advised Quant Funds
4/28/2009 AUM and Net Income Decline Again at Franklin
4/28/2009 An ETF Advocate IDs 2,335 Mutual Fund Lemons
4/28/2009 How Have Three Once-Mighty Stock Funds Fared?
4/28/2009 WSJ Spotlights a Game-Changing Deal
4/28/2009 An Asset Manager Climbs Back to the Black
4/27/2009 An Ex-Employee Admits He Threatened to Hack a Fund Firm
4/27/2009 Hancock Moves its Retail Funds to a Single Custodian and Accountant
4/27/2009 ProFunds Hires a Marketing Pro
4/27/2009 Fundsters, Want a Slice of the TSP Pie?
4/27/2009 WSJ Casts its Gaze on the 'Poor Man's Hedge Fund'
4/27/2009 Jaffe Gives Fund Investors Lawsuit Tips
4/27/2009 MarketWatch Muses Over the Meaning of One Mega Deal
4/24/2009 A Boston Fund Firm Taps a New Northeast Division Sales Chief
4/24/2009 The Rise of RIAs Shifts Fund Sales Strategy
4/24/2009 A New Fund Applies Long/Short Approach to ETFs
4/24/2009 TIAA-CREF Puts Seven Index Funds Into a Hat and Pulls Out Only Two
4/24/2009 A Fund Baron is Close to Resolving a Wall Problem
4/24/2009 WSJ Sees a Bright Spot in Janus' Numbers
4/24/2009 A Fund Headed for Liquidation Gets Another Shot at Life
4/24/2009 T. Rowe Pushes Two Expansions to the Back Burner
4/24/2009 Federated's Q1 Net is Down 35 Percent
4/24/2009 Lurito Departs American Century
4/23/2009 Fidelity Names Donovan's Replacement
4/23/2009 Invesco Posts an 80 Percent Drop in Q1 Profit
4/23/2009 A Fund Ops Specialist Nails Down a New Partnership
4/23/2009 A Fund Bigwig Continues His Media Blitz
4/23/2009 Janus Invests More in Quant Management
4/23/2009 A Fund Servicer Sees its Q1 Earnings Slide 66 Percent
4/23/2009 WSJ Ponders Fund Firm Layoffs
4/22/2009 Fidelity Staffers Bump Up Giving to a Key Congressman
4/22/2009 T. Rowe Plans to Spend 25 Percent Less on Ads This Year
4/22/2009 JennisonDryden Reopens its Health Fund
4/22/2009 T. Rowe Price Swings the Job Ax
4/22/2009 WSJ Highlights the Latest Active vs Passive Management Data
4/22/2009 Fink Says BlackRock is Reaching Deeper into its Clients' Wallets
4/21/2009 Fink Wants to Buy
4/21/2009 Sale Buzz Continues to Swirl Around an Asset Manager
4/21/2009 iShares' Kranefuss, Now on the Non-Exec Chairman's Seat, Looks Ahead
4/21/2009 Fuse Flips the Switch on its New Site
4/21/2009 Horsesmouth Teams Up With a Fund Consulting Firm
4/21/2009 BNY Mellon Feels Government Money Fund Pain
4/21/2009 BlackRock Waives Some Fees
4/21/2009 SSgA Posts a 35 Percent Drop in Q1 Management Fee Revenue
4/21/2009 The Active vs Passive Score Catches More Media Attention
4/21/2009 Will Investors Do an About-Face on Fund Firms' Stocks?
4/21/2009 Fund Firms Change Hands. Now What?
4/20/2009 Schwab Opens Up its Target-Date Mix to Third-Party Funds
4/20/2009 Legg Mason Cuts More Jobs
4/20/2009 Columbia's Q1 Net Loss Narrows
4/20/2009 Allianz Global Investors Plants its Flag in India
4/20/2009 WSJ Highlights Bill Miller's Retiring 'Municipal Cousin'
4/20/2009 Doll Was BlackRock's Highest Paid Exec in 2008
4/17/2009 A Fund Firm is Laying Off 15 Wholesalers
4/17/2009 Fidelity Hunts for a C-Level Exec
4/17/2009 Reynolds Becomes an April Cover Boy
4/17/2009 An ETF Firm Brings in a Marketer
4/17/2009 SSgA Unveils the First Convertible Bond ETF
4/17/2009 Primary Fund Shareholders Receive $2 Billion More
4/17/2009 Four New ETFs Leverage the U.S. Treasury...Indexes
4/16/2009 Top Rochester Manager Departs OppFunds
4/16/2009 Is Cieszko Making Cuts at Fidelity?
4/16/2009 Principal Lightens the Load on its Bond Funds
4/16/2009 A Host of Law Firms Attack Two Oppenheimer Muni Bond Funds
4/16/2009 A Federal Appeals Court Smiles on a Fund Fee Suit
4/16/2009 Eyeing a Role at TALF, Fund Firms Talk Leverage with the SEC
4/15/2009 Lawson May Cut Bonuses and Raises at Fido
4/15/2009 Mansueto Reaches Into the Subcontinent
4/15/2009 Aston Taps Lake Partners to Sub-Advise its New Fund
4/15/2009 A Legg Mason Exec Gives an Update on the Planned Fund Overhaul
4/15/2009 American Funds Plans to Trim its Money Market Fund Roster
4/15/2009 Emerging-Market ETFs Gain Favor with Investors
4/14/2009 Schiffman Sees More '40-Act Funds in a Hedge-Fund Firm's Future
4/14/2009 An Ex-Merrill CEO Joins a Fund Firm's Board
4/14/2009 Pimco Promotes 78
4/14/2009 The Globe Wonders Why Execs Join Reynolds' 'Little Fidelity'
4/14/2009 Obama to Tap an Ex-Fund Chief to Run TARP
4/14/2009 A State Sues OppFunds Over 'Hedge-Fund Like' Risks
4/14/2009 Vanguard Draws Flak Over its PetroChina Stake
4/14/2009 Another Hedge-Fund Firm Tries its Hand at Mutual Funds
4/13/2009 FRC Sounds the Alarm Over Active ETFs
4/13/2009 Columbia is Hiring Wholesalers
4/13/2009 Fund Directors' Pay Went Up Slightly in 2008
4/13/2009 A Money Fund Watcher Shares His Wisdom
4/13/2009 Jaffe Wonders Where 12b-1 Reform Went
4/13/2009 Whitman Chats with Forbes
4/13/2009 Fabian Preps His Latest Fund Lemon List
4/13/2009 Bogle Talks Proxy Voting With the NYTimes
4/13/2009 A Legendary Fund Manager Talks about the Loss of a Key Mandate
4/13/2009 Niche and SRI Fund Stock Pickers Gain WSJ Ink
4/13/2009 Gabelli Earned $45.9 Million in 2008
4/10/2009 A Fidelity Bigwig Decamps to Putnam
4/10/2009 Reynolds Touts Assets in Absolute Return Funds
4/9/2009 NewRiver Sees Validation in a Lawsuit
4/9/2009 An Award Leads to a CNBC Co-Hosting Gig for a Fund Chief
4/9/2009 Sale Adds Some Sparkle to iShares
4/9/2009 ING Plans to Reorg its Investment Management Operations
4/9/2009 A Fund Firm Reportedly Swings the Job Ax Anew
4/9/2009 WSJ Spotlights Cash Stashers
4/9/2009 Waddell & Reed Adopts a New Rights Agreement
4/8/2009 Barclays Could Announce iShares Sale on Thursday, WSJ Says
4/8/2009 An MFS Sales Exec Jumps to Eaton Vance
4/8/2009 Goldman Sachs Pushes Three Asset Management Execs to the 'C' Level
4/8/2009 Newkirk Beats Back a Patent Lawsuit
4/8/2009 Vanguard Wins a Partial Victory in an Offshore Gambling Suit
4/8/2009 DWS Replaces a Fund's Subadvisor of 21 Years
4/8/2009 A Franklin Stockpicking Duo's Strategy is Paying Off, Says WSJ
4/7/2009 A Boston Fund Firm Finds a Sales Chief Within
4/7/2009 Evergreen Wants to Move Management of Four Bond Funds to Wells
4/7/2009 A Schwab Alum Builds Out an Active ETF Manager's Distribution Team
4/7/2009 Another Paper Examines Magellan's Performance
4/7/2009 The MBIA Break-Up Perturbs a Fund Firm
4/7/2009 Fundsters Weigh in on Possible Changes in an Index's Composition
4/7/2009 A West Coast Fund Firm is Reportedly One of the Suitors for AIG's Asset Management Biz
4/6/2009 FundSpy Expects Fund Fees to Rise Again
4/6/2009 Rydex Taps SunGard's Asset Arena
4/6/2009 Vanguard Unveils its 39th ETF
4/6/2009 A Gabelli Fund Tops WSJ's Quarterly Winner's Circle Contest
4/6/2009 Four Fund Firms Draw Flak Over Proxy Votes
4/6/2009 A Small Large-Cap Manager Wins Good Press From the WSJ
4/6/2009 Fido's Chief Marketer Hops on the Green Line
4/3/2009 A Top Touchstone Exec Jumps to American Beacon
4/3/2009 Am Century, W&R Win Lipper "Best Fund Group Overall" Awards
4/3/2009 Integrity's Finance Chief is Leaving
4/3/2009 A Fund Giant Plans to Eliminate B Shares
4/3/2009 Goldman Sachs Reportedly Helps a Fund Firm Look for Possible Buyers
4/3/2009 WSJ Sees a Stable Value Fund Break the Buck
4/3/2009 Analysts Bump Up Their Forecasts on Asset Managers' Profits
4/3/2009 AllianceBernstein Plans to Cut 75 Jobs This Quarter
4/2/2009 Eaton Vance Hunts for a Marketer after a Now-Former Exec's Arrest
4/2/2009 While at the Negotiating Table with Barclays, CVC Makes a Key U.S. Hire
4/2/2009 Fidelity Appoints a New Mega-Cap Fund Manager
4/2/2009 A Variable Annuity Vet Joins Bathon
4/2/2009 An Investment Adviser Points its Compass Toward Times Square
4/2/2009 Meet the Dark Horse in the Battle for iShares
4/2/2009 Lord Abbett Cuts the Expense Ratio on its High Yield Fund
4/2/2009 Legg Mason Rids its Balance Sheet of SIVs
4/2/2009 Pimco Bets On Long-Term Corporate Bonds
4/1/2009 WSJ Says BofA Expects to Sell Columbia
4/1/2009 BGI Fills an iShares Post with a Morgan Stanley Alum
4/1/2009 Scout Spots a Mutual Fund Deal
4/1/2009 An April Fool's Day Joke Leaves SSgA Unamused
4/1/2009 Global Fund Managers Hang their Hopes on a U.S. Turnaround
4/1/2009 Gabelli Switches Accountants
4/1/2009 Treasury Extends its Money Fund Guarantee Program Again

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