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Stories Published Between 10/1/2002 And 1/1/2003
12/31/2002 AIM Makes Manager Moves
12/31/2002 Gabelli Ups Buy Back Program
12/31/2002 Lockwood Plans Supermarket
12/31/2002 Payden Readies New Family
12/30/2002 Merrill to Drop Mercury Name as Part of Push
12/30/2002 Northern Trust Finds a Smaller Package Under the Tree
12/30/2002 PrePaid Plans Losing Favor
12/30/2002 Fido: No More Cuts
12/27/2002 Industry Rankings Little Changed Despite Losses
12/27/2002 ICMA Seeks Distribution Partner
12/26/2002 OppFunds Adds Bond Offering
12/26/2002 Ad Spending Falls to Pre-Bubble Levels
12/26/2002 Van Wagoner Adds Small Account Fee
12/26/2002 DataLynx SMA Set to Go Live in Q1
12/24/2002 OppFunds to eWholesale
12/24/2002 2002 Worst Year Since 1988
12/23/2002 Al Frank Drops Loads
12/23/2002 Investec Turns Eyes to Offshore Opps
12/23/2002 US Trust National Sales Head to Leave
12/20/2002 PFPC Works With Clients on PAR Move
12/20/2002 Lipper Closes Up Shop
12/20/2002 Firms Move Forward With Social Funds
12/19/2002 Eaton Vance Affiliate Buys Out Cutler Team
12/19/2002 PFPC Offers Multi-Account Solution
12/19/2002 Reserve Adds Bank Sales Specialist
12/19/2002 US Bankcorp Names Marketer
12/19/2002 Bisys Eyes Principal Protected Funds Opp
12/18/2002 Federated Hits Reset with Kaufman Fund
12/18/2002 MFS Ties Into BabyMint
12/18/2002 Social Investor Wants Quick Implementation of Rules
12/18/2002 Conseco Funds Not Effect by Chapter 11
12/18/2002 W&R Closes on Mackenzie Buy
12/18/2002 Kasina Ranks to Web Sites
12/18/2002 Roye Explains SEC Position on Disclosure
12/18/2002 GE Will Shrink its Fund Lineup
12/18/2002 CSAM to Merge Four Funds
12/17/2002 CSAM Announces Global Shakeup
12/17/2002 ING Taps SMA Platform
12/17/2002 OppFunds Legend Says End Has Come
12/17/2002 Nationwide Jumps Ready Wraps for the Holidays
12/17/2002 Pru to Reorganize Funds
12/16/2002 Janus Will Lose Mandate
12/16/2002 State Street Lands Toronto Ops Deal
12/16/2002 ManuLife Affiliate Swaps Subadvisors
12/16/2002 Nationwide Plans VA with Advisory Tools
12/16/2002 Snuffed Out in the Crib
12/16/2002 Mason Street Reshuffles Managers
12/13/2002 BONY Goes Outside of Industry for CMO
12/13/2002 DST Adds Nuveen to Vision
12/13/2002 Stilwell Adds to Board
12/13/2002 Not All Berger Bidders Are Satisfied
12/13/2002 Deutsche Adds High Net Worth Head in San Fran
12/12/2002 Sales Pro Departs BlackRock
12/12/2002 Making A List for 2003
12/12/2002 Sales Pay Comes in Second
12/12/2002 Reserve Sees Opps
12/12/2002 Berger Transfer to Janus is Sealed
12/11/2002 Park Avenue Funds Names Next President
12/11/2002 Franklin and Harvard in Row
12/11/2002 Text of Franklin Templeton Response to Harvard
12/11/2002 Huntington Taps Back Office
12/10/2002 SEC Will Take Up Disclose
12/10/2002 CIBC Unloads Oppenheimer
12/10/2002 SSRM Puts $74 Million Up For Grabs
12/10/2002 FleetBoston Decides on Columbia
12/10/2002 Donaldson Will be SEC Nominee
12/10/2002 Vanguard Will Add Employer Distribution
12/10/2002 Friday Said to be Deadline for Pitt Replacement
12/9/2002 Merrill Managed Account Pro Moves
12/9/2002 Stilwell Bonuses Under Review
12/9/2002 Rydex Will Offer Offbeat S&P Fund
12/9/2002 Another Insurer Lets Go VA Marketers
12/6/2002 ICI Sends Letter on Proxy Rules
12/6/2002 Merrill Names New COO
12/6/2002 Fidelity Tries Out Computer Made Fund Reports
12/6/2002 Van Kampen Makes Cuts
12/6/2002 Vanguard Bends Mandatory Retirement Rule
12/6/2002 Schroder Portfolio Manager Strikes Out on Own
12/5/2002 Bowles Will Not be Next SEC Chief
12/5/2002 Fund Firm Incents Advisors
12/5/2002 Scudder Exec Jumps to State Street
12/5/2002 AXA Rosenberg Seals Outsourcing Deal
12/4/2002 AFL-CIO Marches on Fido Branches
12/4/2002 Wells Fargo Launches TAA Portfolios
12/4/2002 SRI Specialist Adds Two Funds
12/4/2002 AIM Promotes Three Managers
12/4/2002 Is the Bond Party Over?
12/3/2002 Florence Exits Morningstar
12/3/2002 Hancock Advisors Names SMA Head
12/3/2002 The Janus Thriller Plot Thickens
12/2/2002 Vanguard Discounts Fund Supermarket Trades
12/2/2002 ManuLife 529 Tools Give Top Honor
12/2/2002 Reuters Buys Fund Info Specialist
12/2/2002 Enterprise Adds Short Bond Fund
12/2/2002 Neuberger Buys Alts Shop
12/2/2002 Janus Will Win Berger Assets
11/27/2002 Schwab Sells E-Loan Stake
11/27/2002 Advisors Taps eSecLending
11/27/2002 Hancock to Sell Tower
11/27/2002 AGF Funds Tweaks Products
11/27/2002 Fido Names Permanent Replacement for Kelly
11/26/2002 UBS Lands JP Morgan Vet as Sales Head
11/26/2002 Markets, Not Investors, Drove Fund Assets Up In October
11/26/2002 Seeking Employment? Try Alternatives not Funds
11/26/2002 Pimco Parent May Spin Asset Unit Off
11/25/2002 Goldman Cuts Wholesaler Ranks
11/25/2002 Scudder Exec Moves Up at Deutsche
11/25/2002 Northern Trust Buys Atlanta Firm
11/25/2002 Cuts at Fund Firms Loom
11/22/2002 Morningstar Beefs Up Fund Tools
11/22/2002 Evergreen Vets Merge Firms
11/22/2002 Pioneer Swings the Axe
11/22/2002 Wells Fargo Buys Fund Assets
11/21/2002 SSRM Hires Large Cap Pro
11/21/2002 White House List Grows Shorter for SEC
11/21/2002 Fidelity Reportedly Eyes CSFB Unit
11/21/2002 Lord Abbett Doubles Partner Ranks
11/20/2002 Turner Taps New Back Office
11/20/2002 PFPC Vet Returns to Fold
11/20/2002 Ex-SSgA CEO Lands in Toys
11/19/2002 GE Unit Linking with B-Ds
11/19/2002 Minneapolis B/D to Grow SMA Platform
11/19/2002 Fund Manager Sentenced
11/18/2002 Strong Buys More Assets
11/18/2002 Delaware Turns to Fair Valuation Service
11/18/2002 Funds Will Lose Share, Says FRC
11/15/2002 e529 Resource Taps iEnroll
11/15/2002 Allmerica Acknowledges SEC Probe
11/15/2002 Chertoff Says No to SEC
11/15/2002 Janus Bails Out Money Fund
11/15/2002 Fund Firm Reupps With Bisys
11/15/2002 Accounting Firm Aims to Help Industry on Taxes
11/14/2002 Merrill Honchos On the Move
11/14/2002 Fido Vice Chair to Retire
11/14/2002 Fido Shakes Up Funds
11/14/2002 Janus Seeks Partners in Japan
11/13/2002 Washington, D.C. Enters the 529 Fray
11/13/2002 Principal Inks New 529 Distribution Deal
11/13/2002 CIGNA Names New CIO
11/13/2002 New Service to Facilitate 529 Searches
11/13/2002 Active Vs. Passive Scorecard Out
11/13/2002 New Biotech Fund Trades
11/12/2002 Tremont Taps Marketer for Europe
11/12/2002 Data Vendor Adds to Flagship Client Base
11/12/2002 Bear Hires New Chief Investment Strategist
11/12/2002 Fleet High Net-worth Unit Names New Exec
11/12/2002 AIM Completes Workforce Reduction Program
11/11/2002 Jennison Lands a New CEO
11/11/2002 GEPAM Starts CEO Advisory Council
11/11/2002 Four AIM Portfolio Managers to Retire
11/11/2002 Calvert Campaigns for Fund Proxy Disclosure
11/11/2002 Fido Promotes Select Fund Manager
11/11/2002 Fido Reassigns a Fund Manager
11/8/2002 The Pitt Fallout
11/8/2002 The Fed Cut Put Up to 75 Money Funds at Risk
11/8/2002 Neuberger Board Gets Chic
11/8/2002 SMA Database Goes Daily
11/8/2002 Amex Taps BlackRock Bond Pro
11/7/2002 SEC Sues Beacon Hill
11/7/2002 BlackRock Targets Private Client Biz
11/7/2002 Schwab At Treasury?
11/7/2002 TIAA-CREF Gives Thumbs Down to Disclosures
11/7/2002 Fidelity Tax ID Feature Gets Play
11/6/2002 Fund Startup Celebrates Birthday
11/6/2002 Managed Account Assets Slip
11/6/2002 Putnam Faces A Fifth Suit
11/6/2002 PR Firm Adds Two Clients
11/5/2002 Start Shopping if the Fed Cuts
11/5/2002 Rogers Fills in at Ariel
11/5/2002 SEI Taps Into OneSource
11/5/2002 Scudder Vet Opens Boutique
11/5/2002 TD Waterhouse Buys Private-Label Fund Wrap
11/4/2002 Insurer Fund Family Jumps into SMAs
11/4/2002 Gabelli Wraps Up Another Buy
11/4/2002 An SRI Fund Pulls The Plug On its Manager
11/4/2002 ICI Starts Tracking Closed-End Funds
11/4/2002 Federated Opens Institutional Fund
11/1/2002 FITR Lands in BONYs Corner
11/1/2002 New Fund Firm Starts With Israel
11/1/2002 Hartford Gets TIPSy
11/1/2002 Fremont May Close Two Micro-Caps
11/1/2002 One Group Reopens Small Cap Fund
11/1/2002 NICSA Posts Conference Agenda
11/1/2002 ING Offers New Principal Protection Fund
10/31/2002 Stilwell Turns in Poor Report Card
10/31/2002 Funds Down $329 Billion in September
10/31/2002 Cerulli Offers Edge on Advisors
10/31/2002 Alliance Names Bernstein CEO
10/31/2002 AMVESCAP Realigns Divisions
10/30/2002 An Insider Takes the Reins at FMTC
10/30/2002 Ticker Adds Fund Data
10/30/2002 Gartmore Names National Sales Director
10/30/2002 Vanguard Launches Cash Management Account
10/30/2002 AMR Funds on the Block
10/30/2002 Management Fees Are Rising As the Bear Prowls
10/29/2002 World Fund Assets Fall in Q2
10/29/2002 PA firm Signs Up New Client for Fund Services
10/29/2002 AMVESCAP Buys a N.Y. Private Wealth Manager
10/28/2002 Fidelity Shuffles Seats at the Top
10/28/2002 Advent Puts Wealthline into General Release
10/28/2002 Van Kampen Goes with R Shares
10/28/2002 PFPC Makes Wrap Alliance
10/25/2002 Mellon Makes Good on Money Fund Loss
10/25/2002 Alger Turns Bullish
10/24/2002 Fido Mixes and Matches Unit Heads
10/24/2002 Vendor Mulls Hiring
10/24/2002 Houston Fund Unit to Axe 122 Jobs
10/23/2002 Morningstar Stands Committed to Advisors of All Stripes
10/23/2002 New Social Fund Names Subadvisor
10/23/2002 Fund Honchos Say the Future is Still Bright
10/23/2002 Three Firms and Janus Eye Berger Funds
10/23/2002 Stilwell Tweaks Its Board
10/22/2002 Putnam Takes Out its Two Cents from Marsh
10/22/2002 France Growth Names Advisor
10/22/2002 Proxy Fight Goes to the Media
10/22/2002 NewRiver Adds Fund Chief to Board
10/22/2002 Access Data BizDev Director Moves On
10/22/2002 Web Site to Connect Shareholders to SEC
10/21/2002 GE Eyes Wrap Account World
10/21/2002 PA Firm Enhances Wrap Program
10/21/2002 Deutsche Sales Exec Joins a Maryland Fund Firm
10/21/2002 S&P to Provide Fund Content to E*Trade
10/18/2002 Is There a Bond Fund Trap?
10/18/2002 State Street Adds to Board
10/18/2002 NY City Manager Lands Consulting Industry Insider
10/18/2002 The Morphing of the Fund Industry
10/17/2002 Wisconsin Adds Stable-Value to Its 529 Plan
10/17/2002 Former Fido Exec Named Biz School Faculty Director
10/17/2002 Insurer Transitions Sales Force
10/16/2002 Putnam Exec Takes the Reins at Boston Start-Up
10/16/2002 TIAA-CREF Calls for a New Global Custodian
10/16/2002 Gabelli Buys Hedge Fund Shop
10/16/2002 Fido Picks Up More Clearing Biz
10/16/2002 Data Vender Duo Joins Forces
10/16/2002 New Vanguard Guide, Webcast to Aid Nervous Investors
10/16/2002 Cerulli Pulls Back, Not Out
10/15/2002 Manulife & Citigroup See Big Demand for MDAs
10/15/2002 Mother Merrill Hates Funds
10/15/2002 Chicago Firm Lands Product Developer
10/14/2002 A Midwest Advisory Offers Bold Vision
10/14/2002 Federated Hires New Global Research Head
10/11/2002 Alliance Capital AUM Drops
10/11/2002 Sun Set on Japan Conference
10/11/2002 Two Families Are Set for Merger
10/11/2002 T. Rowe Expands Advisor Class Funds
10/10/2002 Bank Recruits Manager to Bolster Partnerships
10/10/2002 Shareholder Sues Merrill for $1 Billion
10/10/2002 Fido Prez Takes Leave
10/10/2002 MFS Joins Layoff Parade
10/9/2002 Union Bank Wins Custodian Duties
10/9/2002 UNX Lands Fido Vet
10/9/2002 Vanguard, Upromise & Nevada Team-Up for 529 Plan
10/8/2002 Fund Costs Drop 7 Bps. Says ICI
10/8/2002 NY Firm Swaps Sub-Advisor
10/8/2002 Fund Chief Takes Off for Boston
10/8/2002 Who is Number One?
10/8/2002 No More Mutual Funds
10/7/2002 TIAA-CREF Names New Chairman and CEO
10/7/2002 Diamond Hill Rolls Out Sixth Fund
10/7/2002 Web Site is Retrofitted
10/4/2002 ICI Names Chairman
10/4/2002 Midwest Fund Firm Seeks CEO
10/4/2002 Few New Fund Launches Seen
10/4/2002 MFS Whets the Axe
10/4/2002 Fund Ad Spending Plunges
10/4/2002 American Century Places Its Bet
10/4/2002 Is Fido Packing Up?
10/3/2002 TIAA-CREF Adds Six
10/3/2002 San Diego Firm Restructures
10/3/2002 IDC Unit Under New Global Structure
10/3/2002 Eaton Vance Funds to Manage Risk
10/3/2002 Franklin President Takes Leave
10/2/2002 Putnam Picks a Wireless Program
10/2/2002 American Century Names a Pair of CIOs
10/2/2002 Rydex Responds to Rebalancing Issue
10/2/2002 Manulife Adds 529 Investment Options
10/2/2002 AIM Upgrades Its 529 Plan
10/2/2002 State Street Trims Sails ... Again
10/1/2002 US Trust Names New CEO
10/1/2002 ProFunds Launches New Large-Cap Funds
10/1/2002 JPMorgan Fleming Names New CIO
10/1/2002 BGI Shutters Three iShares
10/1/2002 FRC Will List the 50 Best Places in America
10/1/2002 Stilwell Assets Fell in September

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